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We continue the awesomeness that is celebrating the season of evil with an evil toy that answers evil questions (well, yes or no questions that its programming understands and is related to animals....ooohhhhh) Then we get into a Cracked article about the most unintentionally disturbing children's toys. (Big Loo!!)

Jason presents Evan with his unintentionally disturbing (in its difficulty and choices..."Hocus Pocus" my ass!!!.....) horror movie quiz called, "Horror or Amore". Evan has to decide of the clip is from a horror or a romantic film. 
Then Evan presents Jason with an unintentionally disturbingly incorrectly plotted Bracket where we ask the question, "Which Modern or Classic horror icon would make the best interior decorator?" 
P.S.- kids do you wanna think about a not quite British, cat, tiger, dragon thing in your room at night?? Then don't listen.
Cracked Article about Unintentionally Disturbing Toys Link:

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Where with the help special guest Jason Bryant we get down on Frankensteins podcast, the ins and outs of bouncing, how anyone can pull off JLo 's look, the perils of local celebrity, how bullys just need their asses busted, more theatre disasters, how google hates chicks, and end with skeery movies and fake cats that hate you. Skeery.  

P.S. Kids need not apply

P.S.S You the man editor Todd!!!

P.S.S.S I have always depended on the kindness of Kryptonians

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