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Where in light of the soon to be? nuptuals of Jason and his lovely fiance Miley, Evan devizes games! Meant to destroy them! But they survive! Evan takes them through a multiple choice game designed for each of them, a version of the Newlywed Game and with a little help from their friends... a podcast Family Fued!! Plus a bonus homemade Mad Lib about their perfect date.

P.s-Kids, if you listen..you will have to hear happy people talk about love. Blrgh.

Check out Andrew Vans podcast One Star reviews here... https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/one-star-reviews/id1505211215
And Jason Farrs Podcast There it is here... http://www.thereitispod.com/

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Where we initiate the horror season with an unsolicited Burger King Black Burger review (not racist, it's literally black) and then some short movie reviews. That segues into Jason's new BRAND NEW horror movie clip game called, "I Will Play A Clip From A Horror Movie, And You Guess Which Horror Movie The Clip I Play Is From" (play along!!!) Evan and Jason then create a new musical based on a beloved horror classic (did we say beloved...we meant god-awful) and we close with the horror that is Jason's Live Journal! A post from October 31st, 2005!

P.S. - Happy Halloween you little f*ckers.

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