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Where we start with a new character, or should we say a newr character...Barry White + Medea = Barry Medea!! Then we revisit last weeks "Bum Luck" TV series and go through some episode synopsises that Jason wrote. After that we predict, through the assistance of a game that has nothing in common with another fill in the blank word game, who the next celebrities accused of assault are. After that, we continue ruminating on the awful powers of the other "Elevens" from "Stranger Things". What was "Four's" power? Or "Nine's"?? We discuss it.

THEN we bring back a fave segment...Cupids Corner!! AND we close with some songs from everyones favorite drug warning dog of the 80s...methinks he doth protest too much.....

Check out the Scruff CD here

P.S.-Kids, if you listen.... you will get a song sung by a pervy dog stuck in your head.

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Where we start with the dreaded... PIZZA CHALLENGE!!! We each put awful ingredients chosen at random on pizzas and bake them. It's awful. THEN, we talk Stranger Things 2!!! (Spoilers start 13:06 and run through 26:12) and then we EAT THE PIZZAS..... seriously...it's awful.... THEN Jason plays another round of Stranger Things Predictions with Evan and Evan has a cold realization about an old encounter with a new douchebag. After that we play another round of WHAT IF?, where we propose new What If type scenarios for your favorite superheroes!!!


P.S.-Kids.... if you listen...Tuna/Gummy Worms/Fruit Cake Mix.....that's all we're saying.

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Where we start with talk of the show Stranger Things (Spoiler talk mostly over at the 13 minute mark, then we talk about what future seasons could entail with some minor spoilers). After that we get into Evans embarassing least metal moment ever!!! While discussing this, we introduce a new hero... The Onion...then we get a glimpse into how Evan makes everything dirty. 

Then Jason brings a news report to the table about ... well, just some a-holes. Some really,really hateable a-holes. Then we close with a new game...

Porn or Presidential!!!!!

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P.S.-Kids, if you listen, your new parents will care if a toy squirts water at them.

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