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Where we start with follow ups on what stores are like, THEN we talk the clamshells from Demolition Man and how you are SUPPOSED to use them. After that, we play a game inspired by Tom Julian (link to timberwolf below) where we take harmless shows and make them gritty. Then we finally get into TIGER KING. After that we close with a new Bracket... this time..which TV medical personal would make the best Super Hero!!

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, you'll get Hot Lipped!!


Check out Timberwolf here.... https://www.amazon.com/Timberwolf-Tom-Julian/dp/1943549184

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Where we start with a shout out to new business Super Sweets: Hero Treats!!!! Then we get into a new cashier story that leads to talk of sarcastic comedy, and how out of vogue it is, or is it.... yeah, it is...... Then we talk about the worst way to propose (when you're being called an effing donkey, it makes being sincere difficult). 

Jason found a list of "14 Non-Sexual Things That Make a Man Hot AF to Women". Things that really get a women's engines revving (especially if they're already sexy) and we close with a new bracket! We ask the question, "Which Driver from TV/film would YOU take a road trip with?"
P.S. - kids, if you listen... that's cool. (listen to the tone...)

Learn more about Super Sweets: Hero Treats HERE!

Inquire about their products at:

Read the actual list from Elite Daily HERE!

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