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Where we celebrate a full year of The Bearded Ones! Yes, if you listen to an episode a day, (not including best-ofs and special episodes) you can listen to us for a year!!! DO IT!!! And to celebrate, we have invited friend of the show and fellow improvisor Todd Janssen. (We even included 2 Easter eggs for our longtime fans)

WE go through "Bombs and Flubs" and deservedly mock ourselves!! After that we take some homemade Bearded Ones Quizzes, follow along at home and see how you do!

4:45 - Joke Bombs

19:15 - Bad Impressions

28:40 - Fails

38:40 - Mispronunciations 

40:55 - Segment Flubs

1:03:30 - Evan's Quiz

1:13:30 - Jason's Quiz

P.S.-Kids, if you listen Jason will make a production piece for you with no production.

Check out the Centre Stage Link here.....


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Where while quarantined, we try to make some fun out of it by first, stopping saying coronavirus AND making a drinking game out of the episode. Look we know ya'll are drinking, might as well listen to us and get drunker. We play The Movie Musical Game, Jason brings a new game where we take viruses our of virus movies, we talk Shark Tank AND play another new game where we see what "Logan" type old person movies might work for other superheroes!!!


P.S.-Kids..if you listen..... it's ok..cuz the world is upside down.


Please also consider the fundraiser still going strong here....https://www.gofundme.com/f/gary-dewitt-needs-hope-to-keep-fighting?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=m_pd+share-sheet&fbclid=IwAR3jRVACc1XsPUohh7OJukl2--b3Zn3jOHgcyei2yZQ5SfLJ_U1jMvhVsKg

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Where we start with a shout out to two podcasts: Mothers and Muses and The Nerdbliss Podcast! After that, Evan talks about how sometimes...just sometimes...maybe he shares too much...and also can't speak. After that, Jason shares a story of "The Magic" of being held up in line by a douche, Evan talks about alot of work he put in to save..a piece of sh*t, Jason tells a tale about paying 20 bucks for a bad picture, we talk about how sex workers get the worst internet friends ever, we play a round of What If... we talk about what the plumber on The Enterprise must go through, we read an old essay about Jesus where..ya know...at least Jason tried hard and we close with another edition of The Movie Musical Game!!


P.S.-Kids, if you listen....AWWAAAYYY WEEE GOOO!!!!


Check out Mothers and Muses at https://www.buzzsprout.com/274742?fbclid=IwAR1NgNYug0fH1MrQgbnRlYVMKHK1QZX0mLKyH2dTldaO52KvqIJeVOY5mNI


Check out Nerdbliss at http://www.nerdblisspodcast.com/


Check out Kaliah Von Graves at https://www.instagram.com/kaliahvongraves/?hl=en



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Where Evan recaps a night he had watching the fabulous Queens To The Rescue drag show and confirms his selfie game really...really sucks. THEN we talk the new MCU announcements and play a game where we pair Marvel Characters not yet paired into their own shows! After that, Evan talks about how he is so repetitious..... so repetitious and Jason recounts a bad joke from last week. Then we talk the Cats trailer and how its not creepy.... but the show still kinda blows.. we do Google Translate Wrestling Promos and talk classic bad promos, and then we close with another edition of Cupids Corner!!!!


Check out Queens to the Rescue at their site here... https://queenstotherescue.com/


Vote for Bearded Ones in Peoples Choice, Comedy, Entertainment and TV/Film and The Lucky Ten Thousand in education here... https://www.podcastawards.com/


and P.S.-Kids, if you listen..Evan will pester you for a selfie and then take the worst one possible. 





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Where we celebrate the birthday of the legend Gary Busey by giving him a celebrity roast featuring Emperor Palpatine, Al Pacino, Tony Danza and Jesse Ventura! Then we make a musical out of his classic film Gingerdeadman, theorize on what conversations between Marvel and Mr Busey would be like if they asked him to be in their movies and feature 3 new Busey Juice Commercials! The man, the myth...The Buse. After that, we invent a dating app for guys with Dadbods, and we close with Spiderman-Far From Home predictions with the help of Sean from fellow Danger Entertainment podcast The Pittsburgh Nerd Podcast, Thanks guys! Also Ty Andrew Van for submitting roast jokes, check out his podcast, w/a recent episode featuring our own Jason Underwood, False Start, check him out!!


Nominate us under Peoples Choice, Comedy, Entertainment and TV/Film for the 2019 People's Choice Podcast awards at www.podcastawards.com


Listen to The Pittsburgh Nerd Podcast here

Check out The False Start Podcast here

..or any other podcast platforms they are on.


P.S.-Kids, if you listen, Gary Busey will kinda sorta refuse a role you offer to him but you aren't really sure what just happened.

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We did it! And because we are perpetually losing things, we decided we would celebrate ourselves! Welcome to the "The Bearded" Awards...a classy, high quality event where we celebrate great moments from the last 100 episodes w/celebrity guests! Or at least sometimes they sound vaguely like celebrities...

P.S.-Kids, if you listen...aw go ahead and listen! Just this once! Here is how the clips shake down:

Junk Man/Lori Bakker - Ep 253: We're Metal!

Episode 174

The Vigilant Christian - Ep 212: The Junk Man Return-eth!

The Polar Bear Incident - Ep 215: My Son Died!

Best Edit - Ep 210: Sitcom Relationship Brackets!

Nonsensical Story Begins with Ep 216: My Best Friend Frank and ends with Ep 219!

Batman's Roommate - Ep 249: Sailor Bill!

Matlock Discussions - Eps: 245/242/210/206/205

Not Recognizing Russell Peters - Ep 269: Oh, You're a Comedian!

Best character - Eps: 210/204/206/239

Most Lovie-Dovie Moment - EVERY MILEY EPISODE

Bullion Revenge - Ep 268: Rappin' and Wretchin'!

Bum Luck - Ep 245: Bum Luck!

Freddy Clagger - Ep 262: Leave Freddy Clagger Alone!

Lightning Ben Franklin - Ep 273: Ben Franklin, Lightening Bringer!

Please check out the episodes these clips came from and all our others! Here's to ANOTHER 100!!


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Where we start with another really...really...really...omg...so....so...fun list of more games Jason has created for the 300th episode. SIGH. Then, Evan talks his first professional massage...and then we talk what would happen if he completly misread the signals...pew pew! Then we mock Jason a little for feeling the need to constantly clarify. After that, Jason shows Evan some old school Star Wars comics where they try to reinterpret the movies, which leads them to play a new game where we try to predict more Star Wars film ideas. After that, we play a new version of the Match Game...don't SNATCH.... our idea! And finally we close with a frank discussion on lonely Alfred Molinas contribution to overall lonely guys... quiet wife and another round of the wildly popular...Would You F*ck It!!!!

P.S.- Kids, if you listen, Jason will share some ideas with you.......


Check out the sexbot video here

Check out Language of Bromance here

Check out the Licensed Massuese Evan talks about here



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Where we start with protest...from a cat....little sh*thead....THEN we get into the "Aquaman" and "Shazam" trailers from SDCC18. After that, we discover a side of Jason we didn't know he had...or at least didn't want to see..... and then we talk more superhero stuff with an actor getting a dream role in a superhero movie...well..maybe more of a nap role. After that, we play a couple of games Jason found, one where we recast movies with Muppets except one human stays, and another where we talk fave and least fave films of particular actors. As if that weren't enough movie talk, we delve into George Lucas' ideas for what was going to be his next Star Wars trilogy, and we close with The "What If...?!" Comicbook Game and one more little "Beauty and the Beast" nugget.

Get Evans latest audiobook, "Blood on the Ice" Here

Vote for us in the podcast awards here

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, Russell Crow will "Scary Synthesize" you. 



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Where we unpack a recent family tragedy by finding the humor. We talk about Evan's father and what a funny, wonderful guy he was. After that, we have included a few of our favorite moments from the past few months. This is a slightly different episode for us, but we sincerly hope you enjoy it. RIP Dad.


 Clips from  the best of portion are from the following episodes in order:

1. (Ep 271/272) "It's All The Time Buddy" & "It's Consistent Chum" [1:03:00 Minute Mark]

2. (Ep 227) "WHAT IF...Superman Landed on the Sun?" - From the "WHAT IF?! Comicbook Game." [1:15:28]

3. (Ep 262) "Leave Fredy Clagger Alone" - From "Google Translate A Movie Plot" Game. [1:21:15]

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Where we start with a NEW game about swappin' Dads!!!! (It's not as weird as it sounds.) .THEN we talk more "Beauty and The Beast", this time, what people's names have to do with what they change into. After that, we talk more Bachelorrette and the beauty that is Jordan. Then we watch a news reporter fail in the best way. After that Evan gives Jason a GERMAN GEEK QUIZ and we close out with a little more dad-swappin... still sounds icky.


P.S.-Kids, if you listen, Jordan will want to tell you all his innermost thoughts...and then freak out cuz he's in the dark.


See the awkward News Reporter moment here

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Where we start with Evan sharing with Jason some merch signed by the master himself... Tommy Wisseau!!!! THEN we play another round of our "Is It a Podcast??!!" game. After that, Evan gives Jason a lesson in what real hip-hop is... you know, when an entitled, talentless, shallow D-Bog decides to "rap" about what an entitled, talentless, shallow D-Bag he is. After that, we play another round of "The Steven Seagal Movie Game!!!


P.S.-Kids, if you listen, Everyday Bro will happen....Everyday...Bro.

Check out our friend Callie Sharons Blog here

Check out Valentine Wolfe here

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Where we break from the norm with an extremely special and serious episode featuring the very brave Leah Thomas, who opens up about about her experience as a rape victim, and how she found the help she needed with the Julie Valentine Center and turned trauma into an opportunity to share her story and help others dealing with the same troubles.

If you want to contact the Julie Valentine Center, do so here:

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Where through an amazing confluence of unfortunate events leading to an EXTREMELY awesome event, comedian Dinah Leffert calls into the show to talk comedy, being a female comic, Last Comic Standing, her documentary, her sexuality, glasses, xenophobia, and so much more!!! Out of the ashes of disaster comes an amazing new friend!! Please listen, rate, review, like and share as well as visit Dinah via the following:



Be on the look out for her documentary GALÁCTICOS-11KIDS One Goal  featuring Landon Donovan

P.S.-Kids, go ahead and listen cuz she effing rocks!!

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Jason talks with Caroline Davis on location in Lubbock, TX. Jason opens with Halloween memories. Then they talk about adjusting to grad school. What it means when you want to save certain insects over others. Jason learns that he is, once again, mispronouncing another word. And they close with Jason and Caroline's favorite game.

Learn more about Caroline here: http://www.carolinejanedavis.com/

Follow us: https://twitter.com/beardedonespod

Email us: beardedonespodcast@gmail.com

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