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Where, since Jason is off this week, we have special friend of the show Carter Allen! He tried to help us scare Jason and Todd last halloween and since that audio didn't work out, we thought we'd give him another shot! We talk about his recent role as Lumiere in "Beauty and the Beast", we talk theatre mishaps and we play games! We start with "The Google Translate Game", talk movies, then onto "The Steven Seagal Game", then talk The Bachelorette...then we close with a new bracket.. this time we ask the question; "Which Disney Heroine Would Make The Best Bachelorette!?"


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Where we start with a short and mostly spoiler free discussion of Black Panther, then Jason gives us more of his "game" ideas for the 300th episode and we actually try some!!! You can skip that part!!!! After that,Evan shows us that even podcasting, he is still a creepy f*ck (check out The Lucky Ten Thousand), we find out thatyes virginia, there is a podcast all about the butt, we learn that tough guys love to talk cute, we hear a choir that would be great at moistening stamps, and we close with another edition of the googl translate game!!!

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, well...do you want to play a game? (Say no.)


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