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So many clips to trash we split them into two episodes. Todd and Brian are back and we (they) had a ton of fun with more of our Bombs and Flubs from the last 100 episodes. Also this is the 10 year anniversary of "The Bearded Ones" so we went down memory lane a little bit, and talked about some of our...more memorable characters. 

00:30 - Intros and Plugs. Evan's new audiobook is out!! "The Book of Laz" by Chris Iachetta. Buy it HERE!!

The Book of Laz by Chris Iachetta | Audiobook | Audible.com

02:45 - We talk about how the podcast started and our lack of quality audio for a bit. If you want to start from the beginning, we recommend Episode 56 "The Return". Listen HERE!!


06:45 - Questions about show.

09:00 - We rank some of our filthy characters from most classy to least classy.

29:30 - Jason brings back Evan's stuttering clip and puts it into film situations. 

39:40 - We play more BOMBS & FLUBS.


Listen to Bombs & Flubs part 1 HERE!!



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We close Halloween Month 2020 with a Roast of the Babadook, some weird things Evan has noticed about the election, & Evan brings some more weird Star Trek musings.

00:26 - Introductions

02:45 - THE ROAST OF THE BABADOOK!! (Thank you Andrew Van of "False Start with Andrew Van Podcast")

32:00 - Evan tells a funny John Madden Story.

34:30 - Stop asking Republicans and Democrats who will win, they both say the same thing.

40:35 - Star Trek Observations. Miles O'Brian's Wife get's tough, Horrible Episode synopsis, Good Kirk vs Bad Kirk, How Spock/Kirk Fan Fiction started, etc.


Listen to our NEW ANIMATED clip "Dracula is the WORST Bank Robber!"



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Evan & Jason are doing another CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY ROAST!! This month we picked Tyler Perry (Sept. 13th). Along with Evan and Jason, they have special guests Andrew Van Manus, Clancy (False Start: with Andrew Van Podcast) & Alrinthea Carter (Alchemy Comedy Theater). 

00:30 - Intros and Plugs (Evan has a new voice over You Tube video)

02:00 - We introduce the ROAST!!

05:30 - We start the ROAST!!

06:45 - DR. PHIL

09:45 - MIKE TYSON

11:30 - (SPECIAL GUEST #1) RAY ROMANO (Andrew Van)

15:20 - TYLER'S ADOPTED NEPHEW (Manus Clancy)




30:00 - TYLER'S WIG DESIGNER (Alrinthea Carter)




Watch Evan's You Tube video HERE!!


Listen to "False Start: with Andrew Van" HERE!!



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This week we do another Bearded Ones Roast. In the past we've roasted Gary Busey and Dracula, this time we hit the legend, Hulk Hogan! Then we thank our buddies Richard and Shawn over at the "Language of Bromance podcast" and we answer some of the same fun questions they did on their episode 320 "Truth or Drink". Then we close with another one of Jason's awful (but this time not so much) story from when he was like 16 years old.

00:30 - Intros and THE BIG SHOW!!

04:00 - The Roast of HULK HOGAN!! Featuring HHH, Billy "The Brain" Hennan, Kermit The Frog, George Costanza, Christopher Lloyd, & Chris Hemsworth!! (Thank you Andrew Van & Manus Clancy (Alchemy Comedy Theater) for your submissions!)

39:00 - Language of Bromance played "Truth or Drink" and we thought it was cool so we answer some of the same questions! 

53:20 - Jason reads "Jungle" a kinda shitty story he wrote (with help) back when he was 16 years old. 


Listen to Andrew Van's Podcast "FALSE START: FAKE SPORTS REAL SHOTS" HERE!!


And listen to Manus Clancy's episode "Fictional Sports Draft" HERE!! (As well as episodes: 50, 63, 65, 66, 68 & 69)


Here's Episode 320 "Truth or Drink" of Language of Bromance Podcast HERE!!


We love you Hulk Hogan.

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Where we start with a review of "Lulu".... well kinda...cause one of us (Jason) didn't listen to the whole thing..... then Jason brings yet another old story he wrote in 1997 featuring yet another creepy old man entitled, HERE COME THE BASEMENT DON'T LOOK BACK [@30:00min mark]


After that, we watch blooper outtake of the one thing that CAN foil James Bond...a pissed off feline. Then we talk dreams (it's more entertaining then it sounds) and we go through REAL messages people have ACTUALLY gotten from people they met on dating sites. and then we close with a round of Recast It, the game where we cast movies with the characters from other movies!!!


P.S.-Kids if you listen..do we even have to say it...Lulu listening party...

Watch the James Bond cat freakout here


Email us your dating site conversations to beardedonespodcast@gmail.com or our facebook group page here

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Where we start with conceding... yeah we lost...sigh.... (Congrats to Matt and Mattinglys Ice Cream Social BTW!)... Then we talk about how a mispronunciation led to a whole new show... that you shouldn't EVER listen to. Then we actually interview Creepy Bane, well for a little while anyway, and we see a cute video of a goat.. possibly about to be murdered. After that Jason whips out yet another old notebook full o gold and we go through his kid names, his insult (which leads to a quick RECASTING of American Pie with Star Wars Characters), his brilliant idea for the best car movie since Maximum Overdrive AND we talk about weird tv/movie time hops and even get to see how Vinnie Jones was convinced to play Juggernaut!!!

The Goat Video is here


P.S. -Kids, if you listen, we'll show what that guys has that knife for.

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Where we start with talk of Jason's underwear (ladies) and how they change your day. Then we hear about feline stupidity and how awesome "Tremors" and "Critters" were. Then we get into the terror that is the Bobbit Fish and how the ocean sucks. And Jason brings a BRAND NEW GAME to the table...RECAST IT! Where Evan randomly selects two movies, and must recast one with the actors of the other!

Then Evan talks to Timberwolf author and Bearded fan Tom Julian!!!
P.S. - Kids if you listen...Goddamn Bobbit Fish!!!
Check out Timberwolf here:


and the Bobbit fish video here:

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