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Where we start with pointless unoriginal bitchin 'bout baseball, then we get into "Captain America: CIVIL WAR" and the eternal question...has Cap gotten laid??

THEN we dig on 20-year-old Jason's journal, and get thoughts including...dark (if by dark you mean...not dark) poetry, a new sport he invented called Holecky (...Don't ask) and a horror movie idea to end all horror movie ideas (cause no one will make them after it) "Jo Mama"!!!
P.S. - Hey kids...listen and...you might conjure...The Jo Mama!

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Where we start with a quick rundown of Jason's first play in years which leads to a new game... Itchin' To Audition!!! where Jason auditions as celebrities for different roles.

Then we get into casual jerkitude and how everybody helps, when you're not already feeble... AND we talk about horns from the sky and a very lazy rapture. After that we get two games in a row... a quiz game:
"How Well Do YOU Know the Captain America: Civil War Trailer?"
P.S.-Kids if you listen..well guess who won't help you if you're stranded on the highway.

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