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So many clips to trash we split them into two episodes. Todd and Brian are back and we (they) had a ton of fun with more of our Bombs and Flubs from the last 100 episodes. Also this is the 10 year anniversary of "The Bearded Ones" so we went down memory lane a little bit, and talked about some of our...more memorable characters. 

00:30 - Intros and Plugs. Evan's new audiobook is out!! "The Book of Laz" by Chris Iachetta. Buy it HERE!!

The Book of Laz by Chris Iachetta | Audiobook | Audible.com

02:45 - We talk about how the podcast started and our lack of quality audio for a bit. If you want to start from the beginning, we recommend Episode 56 "The Return". Listen HERE!!


06:45 - Questions about show.

09:00 - We rank some of our filthy characters from most classy to least classy.

29:30 - Jason brings back Evan's stuttering clip and puts it into film situations. 

39:40 - We play more BOMBS & FLUBS.


Listen to Bombs & Flubs part 1 HERE!!



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Where we start with two beloved characters spreading birthday cheer.... and feces in a jar.... which brings us to a new character: Obvious Holmes!!! After that, we tear an a-hole..well a new a-hole for harrassing a friend via the facebooks, Evan talks alternate Wonderful Lives, we play a new game where we switch objects and locations in Castaway, we realize even in the Zombie Apocolypse, people still have to be Hot Topic douchebags and we close with a new bracket.. .this time, Which Unlikely Cop Would Make the Best Undercover Detective!!!


P.S.-Kids, if you listen, we will give your facebook address to only douchebags. 


Email us for a Bum Luck and/or Christopher Falcon Birthday Greeting to beardedonespodcast@gmail.com

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Where, with Jason in Costa Rica, Evan enlists the help of local actor and friend, Brian Reeder. Brian is a great actor and overall personality and after they are done talking theatre disasters, they play games!! It's a game filled episode, featuring Would You F*ck It, The Steven Segall game and we close with a new bracket! In this bracket, we tackle the age old question (Inspired by Brians role in Dreamgirls)...Which Violent Alien Movie Would Make The Best Musical!!!



P.S.-Kids, if you listen.... then you may as well check out the most recent Lucky Ten Thousand Episode too... also featuring Brian, here

..oh and also, don't listen or he will casually brush you aside with his foot while you're feeling the spirit.

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Where we start with a little quiz on a not so little Hollywood legend..Burt Reynolds.... also we discover he was either the coolest uncle you could ask for or kind of a creep... THEN we get into a little self reflection as Evan examines his online interactions and then we both make fun of other awkward people...because.....that's fair. After that, Jason gives Evan another round of Erotic Genres, the game where we take a movie not associated with erotic thrillers and spice it up a bit.


P.S-Kids, if you listen, at some point you will send someone an awkard message and...we.will.mock.you.


If you have any messages like the ones used on this episode and would like someone to be ridiculed (no names), email us at beardedonespodcast@gmail or message us through our Facebook Group page!

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Where, since Jason is off this week, we have special friend of the show Carter Allen! He tried to help us scare Jason and Todd last halloween and since that audio didn't work out, we thought we'd give him another shot! We talk about his recent role as Lumiere in "Beauty and the Beast", we talk theatre mishaps and we play games! We start with "The Google Translate Game", talk movies, then onto "The Steven Seagal Game", then talk The Bachelorette...then we close with a new bracket.. this time we ask the question; "Which Disney Heroine Would Make The Best Bachelorette!?"


Check out Jason Farrs Podcast, There it is here

AND of course, it's time once again for The People's Choice Podcast Awards! Please go to the site here and vote for us to be NOMINATED!!!!

PS Kids...if you listen, then you'd better nominate us for the podcast awards....a-holes!!!

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Where we start with a short and mostly spoiler free discussion of "Black Panther", then Jason gives us more of his "New Game Ideas" for our 300th episode and we actually try some!!! You can skip that part!!!! After that, Evan shows us that even when podcasting, he is still a creepy f*ck (check out The Lucky Ten Thousand), we find out that yes virginia, there IS a podcast all about the butt, we learn that tough guys love to talk cute, we hear a choir that would be great at moistening stamps, and we close with another edition of THE GOOGLE TRANSLATE GAME!! Where Evan puts movie plots through many language translations and Jason has to guess the movie!

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, well...do you want to play a game? (Say no.)

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See the licking choir here

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