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Evan opens with a gripe about "Batwoman" and why they are complicating the villain Alice? How many backstories will she get? Also Evan talks about how an episode of "The Twilight Zone" would be REALLY WEIRD in real life. We realize this episode is going quite poorly. Take a break and talk about how we've now done one year of Skype shows. And we close with a BRACKET!!  We ask, "Which pop culture UNDERDOG would make the BEST SUPERVILLAIN?"

00:30 - Intros

01:08 - Batwoman talk.

17:00 - Twilight Zone in REAL LIFE talk.

29:30 - We realize we are doing poorly so far ha.

35:20 - Bearded Ones Bracket!! "Which Underdog would make the BEST SUPERVILLAIN?" (Neither expect either of them to win in the end.)


Listen to our "OLIVER 2" clip HERE!!

BEST OF THE BEARDED ONES - PART 7!!! (podbean.com)

Listen to Evan's audio book HERE!!

Presidential History the Cold War by Sam Krymalowski | Audiobook | Audible.com


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This week Evan talks about how everything in "Master Chef" is a...(COMMERCIAL BREAK!! …"And We're Back!!")…fake out. Jason brings a game guessing about the plots for the new "FACE/OFF" sequel. (EX: Turner & Hooch starring in "HEAD/OFF".) Which leads to our new character "The Begrudging Critic". & Evan brings up a weird moment in "Black Lighting" between Black Lighting and a high school kid, talking about something he really shouldn't be talking about.

00:30 - Intros

01:10 - Evan has a bone to pick with...(COMMERCIAL BREAK!! …"And We're Back!!")…Master Chef.

20:45 - Jason tries to start his "FACE/OFF" game, but we discover "The Begrudging Critic".

30:30 - Jason finally starts his "FACE/OFF" game. (EX: Gary Busey & Andy Griffith in "FACE/OFF BUT SKIN SIDE IN"!!)

56:05 - Evan shares a funny moment where, Black Lightning asks his daughters boyfriend about how well he cleans his..."stuff". 



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Hey guys, forgive our audio this week.

00:45 - Introductions

01:30 - Evan talks about how "Legends of Tomorrow" did that one thing to Rasputin, that the MCU was too afraid to do to Thanos!

03:30 - Creepy Bane stops by and Jason keeps forgetting how filthy he is. 

04:30 - Super Bowl Talk! We talk weird commercials, and the "offensive" halftime show. Pretty much everything EXCEPT the game.

09:45 - Evan shares the WORST Super Bowl halftime show, "Elvis Presto!!" from 1989. When I think of football, I think of Elvis and Magic, and we barely even get that.

27:30 - It's Evan's BIRTHDAY, & Jason gives him a gift.

30:00 - Evan brings another round of CUPID'S CORNER!! Evan reads the uncomfortable and awkward dating profiles that he's come across. Believe me, they are.

1:04:50 - Jason brings another BEARDED ONES BRACKET! In honor of Valentine's Day we ask, "Which Awful Pop Culture Meal would make the BEST Valentine's Day Dinner?"

Watch "Elvis Presto!" HERE!


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Where we start with how sometimes super heroes sound a little childish, THEN we talk "IT 2", just in time for it to have been out for a really, really long time. After that, we get into Jason's massage misadventures with Scabby McScabhands, we test whether or not cat litter can truly transport you, we invent the best GI Joe character ever, Jason brings a new game where we talk alternate endings for movies and plug them into others, we talk a little bit about Clemson's Championship loss, we discover a new method for making people get along based on Bonobo apes and we close with another of Jason Underwood's short stories!


P.S.-Kids, if you listen, you will get a visit from Sh*tty Joe.

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Where we start with a celebration of the life of our friend, Jason Bryant...you will be missed sir..sincerly.

THEN we talk Evans bald spot vanity, Evans mirror girlfriend, the Greenville clowns and how if a clown shows up at your door to take your kids, he's probably legit. Then we play another round of: "IS IT STALKING?"
And speaking of stalking, we read the lyrics from a Conway Twitty song and realize that we all see the want to in your eyes.


P.S.-Kids, if you listen..... we got a whole army of clowns itchin to take you to camp.... just sayin.

Email us your Evan and Jason impressions to beardedonespodcast@gmail.com

If you want to hear just a sample of what an awesome person Jason Bryant was, click here

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