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So many clips to trash we split them into two episodes. Todd and Brian are back and we (they) had a ton of fun with more of our Bombs and Flubs from the last 100 episodes. Also this is the 10 year anniversary of "The Bearded Ones" so we went down memory lane a little bit, and talked about some of our...more memorable characters. 

00:30 - Intros and Plugs. Evan's new audiobook is out!! "The Book of Laz" by Chris Iachetta. Buy it HERE!!

The Book of Laz by Chris Iachetta | Audiobook | Audible.com

02:45 - We talk about how the podcast started and our lack of quality audio for a bit. If you want to start from the beginning, we recommend Episode 56 "The Return". Listen HERE!!


06:45 - Questions about show.

09:00 - We rank some of our filthy characters from most classy to least classy.

29:30 - Jason brings back Evan's stuttering clip and puts it into film situations. 

39:40 - We play more BOMBS & FLUBS.


Listen to Bombs & Flubs part 1 HERE!!



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Where we start with a ..celebration?? A celebration about the man...the myth...The Kirk Douglas. After that, we talk about a movie that probably never should have been made by people who never should have owned many many lions called ROAR!! Then we play another round of Jason's Movie Proposal Game, which leads Evan to reminisce about his worst prom experience. After that, we talk GI Joe new members by assigning them nicknames and seeing how that determines what they do...and we close with another clip from our good buddy Coach Dobs...and boy is he a dick.

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, Coach Dobs will watch you perform and tell you you are sending him to hell.


See the Roar trailer here..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cny_D50Rr44


See coach dobs be an A-Hole here..... https://news.avclub.com/it-sure-sounds-like-this-guy-wants-to-sue-the-nfl-becau-1841491686?rev=1581006073144&utm_content=Main&utm_source=Facebook&utm_campaign=SF&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&fbclid=IwAR3pk92yeQnOnvuNALncbyxFYyu4XeTZtBq8hZe-B7hbSxQaYrWveM-d2mM

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Where we start by learning Bearded One Jason is a real bummer except for the first five minutes of every new year, then we get into dance snubbing, a vet that just can't let go(and seems pretty unharmed til he gets to certain words), the best, worst and spanish of Nightmare on Elm Street,then we start our own pretty straightforward movie review show,  then we discuss how you should just let old folks do what old folks wanna do, How we love our country, until our country moves in next door, and we close with THE voice for monsters in the movies, plus so much more!

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, freddy will screw with your couch cushions.

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Where the return of missing Bearded One Jason Underwood brings tales of spooky, sunshiny houses, which segues into spooky, even scarier talk show hosts(how you durn), misogynist archeologists, surnames and what they REALLY mean, then we get into the section where Evan repeatedly tries to tell the awesome tale of the GREENVILLE COMIC-CON and Jason just won't let him do it(maybe he shouldn't have come back), but he does bring up the Squatch again, Fatzilla (thanks Amanda Fryer) and state fossils while we finish with the horror that is BLOODERFLIES!!! Plus so, so much more.

Not to mention our first ever contest!!!! You like ice cream? Doesnt everybody???!!!!
P.S.- Kids, your surname is Notoldenough. Don't listen!!

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