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Where we start with yet another of Jason's "brilliant" audio book ideas, then we segue into a semi-serious quiz game about the new Star Wars trailer called,

"How Well Do YOU Know the 'Rogue One' Trailer?"
After that, we watch maybe the best thing ever... brothers who care about their sister enough to convince her anesthesia-addled brain that the zombie apocalypse has begun!!!

THEN Jason reads another book report from 1990, we hear a stirring recommendation from an author who may be doing themselves more harm than good and close with another peek into the recording studio with good ole Gary Busey.
P.S.-Kids, if you listen, then we got a problem...bear.
Watch the zombie apoc. video HERE:



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Where we start with Jason putting his foot in his mouth.... about puke...then we talk about man we saw at in line with us at the movie theater to see "The Force Awakens", and his begrudging promise to his kids. We question if Han Solo was kind of a pussy, and decide that maybe it's time to stop crapping on George Lucas, then we continue crap on George Lucas.

What follows is pure genius (If by genius you mean awful), Jason's short stories from 1993!! They're one paragraph long and complete drivel. Then Evan talks about getting his first HydroMassage... and we make it sex..ily creepy by imagining that someone out there might like them a little TOO much.
PLUS a bonus interview with film-maker Bruce Nachsin, writer/actor of his own super villain parody short "Dark Spectre".
Check out "Dark Spectre" here:
and as always Evans audio books here:

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