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00:45 - Intros

01:50 - Evan's episode of "CHEATIES" is up! And we talk about the movie version of it.

04:30 - Jason's episode of "LAUGHTER PARTY" is up! And Jason share's his AWFUL JOKE.

13:30 - Evan realizes that Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight" is WAAY creepy.

25:30 - We play another round of "WOULD THEY SURIVIVE?" Where we drop real life dirt bags into horror movies and discuss if they would survive or not. (EX: Would John Wilkes Booth Survive "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer"?)

58:24 - Evan shares an amazing song PERFRECT FOR THE SEASON. "Ghosts" by Jonathan Lewis (Feat. Becca Price).

1:04:00 - Evan brings another round of "GOOGLE TRANSLATE GAME: Edgar Allen Poe EDITION"


Evan's episode of CHEATIES!!!


Jason's episode of "LAUGHTER PARTY"!!!


Listen to "GHOSTS" by Jonathan Lewis (feat. Becca Price)!!!





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00:00 - Intros

02:00 - Evan "interviews" Robert Englund. And he reveals some BIG stuff!!

10:00 - We play "FILM PROPOSALS" Where we use movies to propose to a partner. With the help of Joe Johnson (Twitter: @FillCollinz) & Jason Evans (Twitter: @CitizenJason5).

34:20 - We talk "American Murder" docu-drama from Netflix.

48:35 - We play a BRACKET!! We ask "Which Monster would make the BEST Stand-Up Comedian?"


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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This week we make up NEW Alfred Hitchcock cameos (with the help of Joe Johnson & Dustin Bays), as well as combine classic horror quotes and decide what movie they would be from. We also have our Week 1 TRIVIA GIVEAWAY!!

00:00 - Intros & Plugs (Listen to John Garrison's new album "Pretty in Pink"! & check out the podcast Evan was on "Cheaties"!!)

07:40 - INAPPROPRIATE ALFRED HITCHCOCK CAMEO GAME!! We do "Rear Window", "Vertigo", "North by Northwest", "Psycho" & "Birds".

46:00 - HORROR MOVIE ONE-LINER GAME - We take the 1st half and 2nd half of horror quotes and put them together and try to make them make sense!!



Listen to John Garrison's "Pretty in Pink" HERE!! 


Listen to "Cheaties Podcast" HERE!!


Follow Joe Johnson on Twitter: @FillCollinz

Listen to Dustin Bays on "Blue Ridge Adventurer's Guild" HERE!!


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MWWAAAA HAA HAAA!! IT'S HALLOWEEN MONTH! Yes, that's right.. it's time to get into all things creepy as we do another all out October. First we find out Michael Myers could have had a voice...and a pretty good career in hair metal,  THEN we get into all things CHUCKY.... the little guy even makes an appearance! We also create a new horror icon... and like Freddy, he has long things on his fingers... unlike Freddy... they're very fertile. After that we create campfire stories based on random words, Evan tries to compare to Jasons' grizzly sound effects, we play a horror edition of The Google Translate Game.. then another round of Would You Fear It and we close with a twist on The Action Movie One Liner Game where we combine famous horror movie one liners and create something new!


P.S.-Kids, if you listen... you will be in a band who only has on riff.... MWWAA HAAAA HAAA!!! 

Once again, ty Neil Lee Griffin for the awesome theme song! Check his other stuff out here... https://soundcloud.com/neilleegriffin

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(6:05) We play "Would You Fear It?!". A game, where we take horror characters and add silly physical and personality quirks and ask, "Would You Still Fear It?" (EX: Dracula but with Big Fat Titties & the personality of Winnie the Pooh)

(30:00) Jason and Evan make up the worst slogans for businesses.

(36:00) We play "Twisted Endings". A game where we add a twist ending to movies that don't have them. (EX: 'The Matrix' but with the twist ending of 'Fight Club'?)

(56:22) Jason and Evan play "Horror Movie Character Fight" based on the horror movies we just happened to watch this season. 

(1:08:20) We close with talk of the carnal needs of the characters in "Dawn of the Dead". Which leads to talk about a zombie movie where they didn't eat people. 


(1:16:00) - (Ep: 192) - "No-Whack November"

(1:22:00) - (Ep: 200) - "'Ghost Adventurers' Recap" With Jason Farr of the "There It Is" podcast.

(1:27:10) - (Ep: 210) - "Michael McDonald the Horror Director"


Listen to the Profess-HERs Podcast HERE!! (https://professhers.podbean.com/)

Buy Headshots from Greenville Headshots HERE!! (http://greenvilleheadshot.com/)

Listen to the "There It Is" podcast with Jason Farr HERE!! (http://www.thereitispod.com/)

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Where we start with yet another reminder about the People's Choice Podcast Awards (voting ends 7/31,vote here ... PLEASE) then we talk about George A. Romero and his heartbreaking passing, we taste test a candy bar with all them porkish fixins... Then Evan regales us with tales of partying at 40, mid-life crisis DJs, hole in the wall concierges, and recovering from said partying at age 40. Ugh.


After that, Evan reveals something from his past that even his therapist wasn't prepared for and Jason brings us another Bearded Ones Bracket.. this time, based on the 1st look at "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" we as the question, "What Disney Movie Would Make the Worst Theme Park?"


P.S.-Kids, if you listen.... Zippidy Do Dah.


Also one last reminder, vote for us HERE (Best Comedy Podcast AND Peoples Choice). 

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