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Where we start with a serious plea to help our friend Trevor of Teddy and the Bassman, please take the time to donate and share below.

THEN we get right into it when Dan Fowler of Screaming Soup challenges Evan to a Stallone off!! We won't tell you who wins.. but email us with your complaints about some of the voting. Agfter that we get into Evans adventures with Lemurs and Spiders,oh my. THEN we talk about the guy who got close to a wild alligator....like..pervertedly close... after that we talk cute animal videos, not so cute people spitting up at work, ADORABLE Steven Seagal playing kara-tay, and we close with another round of the Steven Seagal game in honor of the master!!!


P.S.- Kids, if you listen, your most trusted pet will devour you on camera.


Please donate to help Trev here


See the Steven Seagal vidoe here


Support Screaming Soup here

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Where we start with a recap of the 24 hr play festival, which leads to a Superbowl recap which leads to a Patriots Fans are delusional twerps recap which leads to an Eagles fans are "better than this" recap. After that, we talk Jasons failed roast joke for Art Sturtevant,  take a quiz on the new Han Solo trailer, and close with another bachelor update. Later Krystal.... you wax statue huffing on helium, you.


Check out the Patriots fan here


Check out Roneffects rant including Eagles fan footage here


P.S.-Kids, if you listen, you might realize....brace yourselves.... he's only human. ONLY HUMAN.

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Where we start by noticing that we are on PodBean's Popular Comedy List!! Then we talk about the Super Bowl, how gay Chick-Fil-A must actually be (since anti-gay politicians keep getting caught)

We revisit Jason and Evan's experiences from the 24 Hour Play Festival, then read a list of coming out scenarios that didn't go quite as expected.
We chat Super Bowl commercials and de fuhrer's new plan for Puppy-Monkey-Baby, and the stink over that Doritos commercial.
We close out with a new bracket, where we ask the question, "Which Super Hero Would Make the Best Improviser?" and BONUS we have audio clips from the 24 Hour Play Festival!!!

P.S.- Kids, if you listen, you'll lose your sense of humor and get bent out of shape over a frikin Doritos commercial.
Read the coming out article HERE:
Watch Puppy-Monkey-Baby commercial HERE:

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Where with the help of WOFFORD JONES!!! We dig into the vault and get an episode months old that we thought had been lost forever! That being said pardon all the valentines day, super bowl and Olympics talk. Other than that though, we do get into surprises you don't want waiting for you when moving into your apartment, how we can help you break up on your way to Dollywood, Dumpys talk show, athlete actors, our own secret identities, the polar vortex the the Devils birthday among other things.


P.S.-Kids, Murdering Santa will get you if you listen.

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Where we start off with a 24 hour/stand up recap, then learn one of us has a new badass ride(by badass we mean mid-life crisis), then we discuss why certain pets suck, how the NFL are cheapskates, the pleasure (both cerebral and carnal) of OMAHA, serial killers as pitch men, personal hells, what Jacob Marley does in his spare time and even get a short visit from an old friend.


P.S.S- We'll kick you threw the goal post like the ole pigskin if you let kids listen to this!!

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