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We wanted to make our last episode of 2020 (back Jan. 10th, 2021) a big fun bash!! We have had a ton of amazing guests and contributors this year so we have asked, as many that could, to help us out with this all Christmas Episode.

00:30 - Introductions and Evan doesn't like Christmas.

02:30 - Evan "Google Translated" Christmas Songs!! 

03:30 - "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer". AKA "Rudolph The Red Nosed Killer"

07:30 - "Little Drummer Boy" AKA "Pom-Bam Rom-Rom-Bam!!"

10:40 - "Frosty The Snowman" AKA "Frosty Snow Man!!" by Latreshia Lilly

18:30 - THE KRAMPUS GAME! Where we l asked "What would the "KRAMPUS" be for other Christmas characters?"

31:54 - THE INAPPROPRIATE SANTA CAMEO GAME!! We replace the existing Santa cameo with a weird/odd one. And we got help from our past guests for Santa cameos for "Die Hard" Carissa (Ep: 361), Emily Kelly (Ep: 389), Jason Evans (Ep: 387), Harrison Brookie (Ep: 351), Manus Clancy (Ep: 380, 385).

1:01:30 - Celebrites read "TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS"  Jason Farr (Ep: 350 Listen to Farr on "There It Is Podcast"), Andrew Van (Ep: 380, 385 Listen to more Andrew on "False Start with Andrew Van"), Joe Johnson (Ep: 348 Follow on Twitter @FillCollinz), Dustin Bays (Ep: 386 Listen to Dustin on "Blue Ridge Adventurers Guild Podcast"), Justina Sparling (Ep: 350)


1:22:15 - "TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS" uninterrupted.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS guys back right here Sunday JAN. 10th 2021.


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Happy Week 3 of our HALLOWEEN MONTH!!

We open with Jason's new HORROR SOUND FX! They're scary, but in a very different way.

Then Evan talks about a few Horror movie he saw, "The Final Girls" which leads to, "What Horror Movie would you NOT want to get sucked into.

We talk about how Stephen King's can make anything scary, so we give you Stephen King's..."TOAST!". 

We continue with another round of "EV-BAN LEGENDS!!" (aka Urban Legends that all feature a one Mr. Evan Harris)

Evan brings a game called, "Mu-Ha-Ha-WHO?" Where Jason has to guess the celebrity based on their "Mu-Haha!"

And Finally

Jason brings a spin to our classic game, "Would You Fuck It?" called, "Would You FEAR It?" (And we create the monstrosity that is Half BLOB Half MATLOCK....BLOB-LOCK!)



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Where we (sigh) leave Halloween behind, but we still manage to talk about some scary movies and our own personal Halloweens!!! Jason talks "Event Horizon", Evan talks "They Look Like People"... the non-monkey version... then we get back into the movie, "Rings".

In honor of the NEW Dr. Strange we watch the trailer for the OG Dr. Strange, which leads us to hearing Tom Brokaw give us the lowdown on some old school flicks in only the way he can.THEN we close out with a round of: SUPERBEAST!
P.S.- Kids, if you listen, a monocled black widow will caw at you.


See the Dr Strange trailer here

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