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Happy Week 3 of our HALLOWEEN MONTH!!

We open with Jason's new HORROR SOUND FX! They're scary, but in a very different way.

Then Evan talks about a few Horror movie he saw, "The Final Girls" which leads to, "What Horror Movie would you NOT want to get sucked into.

We talk about how Stephen King's can make anything scary, so we give you Stephen King's..."TOAST!". 

We continue with another round of "EV-BAN LEGENDS!!" (aka Urban Legends that all feature a one Mr. Evan Harris)

Evan brings a game called, "Mu-Ha-Ha-WHO?" Where Jason has to guess the celebrity based on their "Mu-Haha!"

And Finally

Jason brings a spin to our classic game, "Would You Fuck It?" called, "Would You FEAR It?" (And we create the monstrosity that is Half BLOB Half MATLOCK....BLOB-LOCK!)



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Where we start with yet another TASTE TEST CHALLENGE...this time...it's messed up candy.


THEN we invent the newest Monopoly; more representative of the lower middle class... after that, Evan looks inward and reveals some more past moments from the show where he feels he could have been less....A-hole-y.

THEN we go through our lists of "What would all of our Presidents names be if they were pornstars?" One of them makes ZERO SENSE and Jason can't let it go.

Evan then tells a story revolving around some nuts, God and an old lady. And finally Jason brings a new game to the show called "Pitch The Show!" where Evan randomly puts actors and scenarious together and Evan must "PITCH THAT SHOW!"

P.S.-Kids, if you listen...OOOOOWWAAAAAAAA!!!!!

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Where we start with a very nice message from author/friend of the show Tom Julian, then we get into Jason's feelings about "Suicide Squad". We talk about Killer Croc and how just a bit of lotion would have changed everything for him.

Evan has his first senior moment. "9-1-1 is a joke..." to nobody!
We both realize that we have not tired of a good ole crotch joke. And we play a new edition of SQUAD!
We realize that "Who's The Boss" could have been very different if Tony would have just used more sex talk when he taught the kids.
Evan notices some off things about "Wrath of Khan", and we run into a ghost....who is not particularly good at it.
P.S.-Kids, if you listen, Tony Danza will give you life advice.....you don't want that....

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