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Where we start with a spoielr free discussion of infinity war, then we get into spoiler talk (over at 45:55). After that, Evan does something he never thought he'd do...he raps...it's all the time buddy...it's all the time buddy. After that, Evan talks his daughters talent show, Jason shows Evan a video of a man who defends himself...with his MIND..... we play the google movie description game and we close with a salon style that is on fire!!!

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, half of you will be wiped from existence.


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Where we chart new territory with the best crossover since the days of Marvel/DC Avengers/Justice league (where noone wants to be the Justice League) by doing a half and half (not a donkey punch….although we came close) of The Bearded Ones/MBSING crossover with the Mary Beth Smith.

We start the Bearded Ones half with talk of living in the wild (though you know f*ck all about living outdoors ya wanker) then we get into uncomfortable improv moments and Turkey danger among other things, then we have the MBSING half and Mary Beth takes the wheel and we get into a pretty sincere conversation about improv and what it means to us. Don't worry, we break the sincerity with a lot of fart and poop comments (not really). PODCASTERS UNITE!!!!

Follow Mary Beth here: https://twitter.com/thetokenginger
P.S.-Thanks WOFFORD JONES for the edit assist.

P.S.S.-Kids….. really? go to bed.

P.S.S.S-Check out MBSING on pod bean.

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