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Happy Halloween Month!
Week 3

Where Jason gives Evan a run down of his Mwaa Haa Haaas over the past few Halloween episodes, and then Evan gives Jason a taste of Jolly Ole England (thanks Catherine)!!! Then Jason gives Evan another Horror Quiz, this time slowed down!!!! Then Evan brings another bracket to the table, this time, we ask the question, "Which Fallen Pop Culture Icon would make the best Horror Movie Villain?"!!!

P.S.-Kids, if you listen.... there is a thing...it is called... MARMITE!!!!

Don't forget to email your impressions/scripts to beardedonespodcast@gmail.com!!!

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Episode 150!!
Where we start with a plug for Evans first audio-book, "The First Door", then we review the end of The Beard "Wars" with Salty Language Podcast. Clemson football being #1 in the country leads to us hearing a really, really honest football heckler. And because of the holidays Evan and Jason try to come up with a "Reverse Parent Trap" movie about kids trying to split up their parents so they can get 2 Christmases.

Then Jason reads a brilliant (terrible) story he wrote back in his early teens. After that, Evan goes over another Ren. Faire Adventure which leads to how certain people talk to kids and, well, just...just don't do it....

We then close out the show with medieval torture devices that leads us to a NEW GAME SHOW hosted by Louie Anderson and finally Jason tricks Evan into making one of the biggest geek mistakes with Star Wars Mad Libs, featuring Emperor Palpys audio diary!!!

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, we've got a great game show for ya!!!

Check out Evans Audiobook HERE!!
Check out Salty Language Podcast HERE!!

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Where once again Bearded One Jason is absent and who can fill his shoes? It takes two baby!!! The lovely Juanita (Juan-ita) and her lovely husband Daryl fill in and we get to the good stuff right away: Baby poop. Then parent pride, bad dates, good dates, dates that you didn;t know were dates (but should have...c'mon), engagements, Top 5s, The SHAT-ner, Will Smith and how he should just be himself...even when he's playing someone else, more theatre nightmares and so, so much more. Suuuuppppp.

Follow Juanita here: https://twitter.com/jusjuanita
P.S.-kids, we'll make you watch Seven Pounds if you listen. This aint for you.

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