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Where we start with a couple of clips from last weeks episode showcasing a range of examples of our...broadcasting...talent? THEN we revisit a character we came up with last week and his unknown exploits from that classic show GI Joe. After that, Evan brings a video of a street performer getting totally cock-blocked by one Mr. Bumblebee himself. Jason then brings a new game where we pit characters from best picture winners against characters from regular old blockbusters and it turns out...almost exactly as you would expect. After that, Evan continues gushing over "Legends of Tomorrow" but regrets them not taking a particular venture to a certain crucifixion and then we close with realizing there is a good and bad side to how people choose to celebrate new years.


P.S.-Kids...if you listen...QT...that's all we have to say.


Check out the Mark Wahlberg video here.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACOltj1w_NQ



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Where we start off on somber tone as Jason has had it. The election cycle has gotten to him. And he's down because he enjoyed Ghostbusters 2016, but maybe he shouldn't have. Then we realize that sometimes all you need to cheer you up is a little cock magic!

Then Evan decides it's finally time to go in depth about the ramifications of "Jesse's Girl". We talk about a recent local apartment advertisement controversy, Jason's runs into a bunch of young "Goers"..as in the Poke'-kind, then we talk about hot teachers and the not-so-hot-teachers that still deserve representation in some form! After that Jason wanted to play a game called "Kevin and Jesse" where Jesse Ventura and Kevin from "The Office" are in odd situations! It's ridiculous and they love it. They hope you do too.
P.S. - Kids, if you listen, that thing I said about Hillary and The Donald making out will come true...ew..just, just ew.

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Where Jason recaps his adventures on Nerd Quiz Live, hosted by Michael Channing. Evan then drops some knowledge about Jack Torrance and why he and Wendy Torrance may have been having issues. Which leads us into a true crime story where we discuss, "Which movie is the best one to take your dad to after you've committed multiple murders?"

Then we get into Evans long day and how his ancestors were lazy asses, but respected lazy asses, which leads to a discussion of lazy-ass gym-rats. (Link to video below) 
We discuss minorities in film, (or lack thereof). And we close with Etta James's "Feeling Uneasy" and how sometimes, less is more, or less is less, or damn woman just say something!!!
P.S. If you listen kids, your Dad will see "Terminator Genisys", and trust us you don't want that.
Watch video of lazy-ass gym-rat eating pizza HERE!
Listen to "Feeling Uneasy" by Etta James HERE!
Check out the Nerd Quiz Live podcast HERE!

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Where we start with the epic tale of Evan vs Coupon Lady! That segues into epic tales of Jason and The Scot's at Greenville Scottish Games @ Furman University. And we invent a new SPORT! Then we talk about epic tales of parties ruined by poo from heaven and lullabies bettered by darkness!!!! METAL-LLUBIES!

Also we shout out "In This Moment".
AND our friends Valentine Wolfe and their new album Nightingale!!
P.S. - Kids...I've got something to say.....

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Special guest, Andrew Van of Alchemy comedy visits and we get deep into improv, stand up, and comedy in general.THEN we do impressions of local improvisors. THEN we do scenes suggested by YOU the listener. THEN finish with more shout outs and we give away some ice cream via reading our Stitcher reviews. Making this episode almost as stuffed with name-drops, scenes, celebrity impressions and self congratulating as the 100th!!!!

P.S.-Kids...just, just don't, there's Pacino, Stewart AND Stallone in this one....
Check out Andrews Group Alchemy... alchemycomedy.com/

Andrews twitter... https://twitter.com/avan360

Some of the shout outs...

Eclipses for Eyes...https://twitter.com/eclipsesforeyes

Greg Tavares and theatre 99 theatre99.com/performerbio.php?id=60

Mary Beth Smith MBSING w/the nerdologues https://www.nerdologues.com/podcasts/mbsing
Lisa Biggs.... http://www.lisabiggs.com/

AND finally improv nerd... http://jimmycarrane.com/improv-nerd-podcast/

Whew! Should have changed the name of the episode to shout-out city.

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Here it is!! Episode 100!! The biggest Bearded Ones EVER!!! With so many awesome guests, new and old, packed into a single episode we had to stretch our average episode length but it was worth it!

The show is divided into four segments:

Segment 1: (0:03:29 - 0:29:40) With: Harrison Brookie, Jill Bernard and Boris Khaykin!
Segment 2: (0:30:13 - 1:19:00) With: Trevor Furlong, Wofford Jones, Shane Willimon and Todd Janssen!
Segment 3: (1:20:00 - 2:19:00) With: Debra Capps, Lauren Wilson and Darryl & Juanita Peake!
Follow Juanita here: https://twitter.com/jusjuanita
Segment 4: (2:20:00 - 3:04:00) With: Meg Pierson, Justin Blackburn and Jason Farr!
Follow Justin here: https://twitter.com/loves_pal1
P.S.-Kids...you can listen to this one, it's our 100th for crying out loud!!
P.P.S- We have loved every single guest we've ever had and would have had them all back if we could.Thank you to every one for listening, supporting, sharing, coming on the live show and here's to another 100!!!!!!
P.P.P.S- Sorry to Boris for the name confusion, its North Coast Hip Hop Improv, not North East. Yeah, im dumb. Check them out here! http://www.northcoastnyc.com/wp/

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Where we celebrate the big 5-0 by not acknowledging or even realizing its the big 5-0! We do however talk about coal mine adventures, getting lost in Texas Chainsaw land, how hard it can be to finally let go of that state relationship and move on, hollywood treasures and how Star Wars statues are more important than...well...anything, then once again dip into the unending well that is Craigs List and Weird News (evil Elmo will get you).

P.S.-you know what I'm gonna say. No kid friendly material.

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Where in front of an honest to god audience (of more than one!!) we dig on rural Batman, people who narrate their own lives, people who shouldn't cohabitate around other people, people worshipped by our shelled brethren as heroes, people who shouldn't be around animals, weird news and close with the always entertaining craigs list.




P.S. and we weren't even explicit..... this time.....

P.P.S-Sincere apologies to USF, we forgot to mention Much Ado About Nothing in our wrap-up. Go see it people!!

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Where we dig on nerd holidays, first time dirty words and their consequences, weird compliments, ugly babies, cry-baby bridges, skeery legends (that aren't skeery), pardoning badasses, presidential food, craigs list and weird news.

Can be explicit

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Where (with the help of a special guest) we dig on car stories, pisshing, craigs list, female decoys, tattoos, foot fetishes, batman, SC-inspired fiction, how lonely water based team characters can get, sexy comic book heroines, and weird news.

P.S.-can be explicit

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Our OFFICIAL Best Of Episode!! All our favorite moments from the past 40 episodes. Warning: the audio is rough, but we tried to clean it up! If you like this, check out our other Best Of Episodes! “BEST OF’s” (podbean.com)


01 - (Ep. 04) BARNEY B. (Starting @ 00:20)
02 - (Ep. 05) "TRUE GRIT" VOICES (03:50)
03 - (Ep. 07) THE THING IN THE CORN (04:50)
04 - (Ep. 28) CROSS-DRESSING GOVERNOR? (10:06)
05 - (Ep. 14) BARNEY & AUNT B. ON A DATE (15:34)
06 - (Ep. 18) "POOHS" COMING OUT! (Guest: Carolina Davis) (18:28)
07 - (Ep. 21) SHOCK JOCK NPR (20:21)
08 - (Ep. 23) FAIRLY MODERN MILLIE (23:26)
10 - (Ep. 26) "WEEKEND AT JIM'S" (36:49)
11 - (Ep. 30) "MISTRESS" DOUBTFIRE (40:40)
12 - (Ep. 33) SUDDEN DEATH SYNDROME (YOUR #1) (43:22)
13 - (Ep. 34) SCARED STRAIGHT (45:12)
15 - (Ep. 35) GOOSE'LL BITE YOUR WILLIE!! (54:42)

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Where we start the new year off right by once again getting distracted by a flic in the background(Poltergiest), one of us relates a Jury Duty story, then we get into Scared (Skeered) Straight talk, Storage Wars, filthy town names, pulling pranks, mistaken identity and mistaken mortality.

Not for chillens

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Where we celebrate the dark hours set upon us by realizing peoples taste in horror movies sometimes sucks (godzilla? really?) then we terrify with stories so dreadful... so blood curdlingly nasty that I cannot repeat the words here without summoning the demons from the fabled Book of the Dead (but it does involve people copulating after jumping out of a plane and job interviews that go so wrong...but feel so right).

P.S.-this one is a week late, so some shows mentioned are in their second, possibly third weekends...don't miss 'em!

P.P.S- and need i say it again...not for kids!


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Where we recep episode 1, illustrate through very subtle character work how hurtful cultural and social ignorance can be, bemoan valentines day and abuse butlers.

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2 local greenville actors, just chillin and chattin. We talk a little bit about the local theatre scene, but mostly, about Sinbad. And Children. And Jeff Daniels. And Alligators. And... you get the idea. WARNING: This is uncensored and not for kids. Those little bast*rds.

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