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Where we again welcome back Brian Reeder for a three-peat! We talk relationships, dumb arguments we have gotten into with Gfs, doing theatre when your heart is broken, trust us..it sound depressing..and it kind of it..also funny, Then we play The Google Movie Translate Game using Brians 5 Favorite Movies AND he discovers the wonder that is Loqueesha!


P.S.- Kids, if you listen...every time you curse for the rest of your life, it will be replaced with something stupid.


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Where we spend most of the episode talking about a movie a friend recommended..and not in a good way. Btw..thanks Sabrina and Judah..you are dead to us. A little flick called Loqueesha that is..ill-advised at best, Whew boy. 

After that, we play another round of Movie Proposals..where we take movies that are lets just say hard to watch for various reasons and suppose people using them to announce life events to their friends and family!


P.S.-Kids, if you listen...you will watch it..twice.

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Where we beg for money for Season 2 of Evan's webseries kickstarter. Then you can actually hear Bearded One Jason tune out of the conversation while Evan gives him hell for eating at Twin Peaks. THEN we give our opinions on the controversial "Batgirl" comic book cover AND Supergirl's freaky horse, Comet. We get into "Smokey and the Bandit". Evan "teaches" acting and stiffs pizza delivery guys, Jason shares a story of super neglectful N.C. parents and we meet an even more neglectful officer of the law, then we watch a video of stabbing victims (who survive) and realize that if you're going to a restaurant that specializes in ranch dressing, then you're hiding a deep seated perversion.

P.S.-Kids... don't make yourselves number 6.
See the stabbing victims here:
To donate to "The First Five Years" kickstarter click here:
Watch Season One here:

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Where we start off with yet another waffle house story that leads to stories of brushes with ladies of the night, then we dig on Hobo businesses, unique TV pilots and we play agents pitching the best damned TV show you've ever heard of(sorry for the weird audio in this section. Then we close with tales of the weather man who knew too much.


P.S.S-Hey kids…. ear muffs

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