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Evan is back on board with "Falcon & The Winter Soldier". Jason has an uncomfortable dream about the "White Dora Milaje". What if it too Bucky a long time to put his arm back on. Evan & Jason mock a jerk who texted one of his female friends. Jason recaps his D&D experience with "Blue Ridge Adventurer's Guild" & we close with a game where we swap the EVIL PLAN of (2) bad guys, and have fun figuring out what those (2) movies would be.


00:30 - Intros & Plugs - Vote for Evan for (Best Supporting Role) in the S.C. Update Theater Awards!

2021 Upstate Theatre Awards Ballot (google.com)

03:15 - We talk Episode 4 of "Falcon & Winter Soldier", Evan is BACK ON BOARD, and Jason had an uncomfortable dream about the "White Dora Milaje"

11:00 - Bucky has to fix his arm at home while Falcon fights alone. 

16:30 - Evan reads a crappy hypocritical text message thread to one of his female friends. 

22:45 - Jason recaps his Dungeons & Dragons podcast stint with The Blue Ridge Adventurers Guild" as Belladar & his 500 Dogs! So he recaps the campaign by going over his Top-10 uses for having 500 dogs.

43:40 - "EVIL PLAN SWAP!" We take 2 villains swap their motivation/evil plan, and what would those 2 movies be?

(EX: Xenomorph Alien with Judge Doom)


Listen to Blue Ridge Adventurers Guild HERE!

The Blue Ridge Adventurer’s Guild (podbean.com)


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Evan watches "Haunting of Hill House' two and a half years late. We loved it, but still make fun of it. Evan also started "Bly Manor" and realizes this is the LONGEST wedding reception story ever! PLUS we play "MOVIE WEAPONS SWAP GAME" 

00:30 - Intros

01:05 - Our last thoughts on "Snyder Cut" from last week.

04:30 - We talk about "The Haunting of Hill House". Evan loved "Bent Neck Lady" but he never noticed "The Big Gut Guy".

24:45 - Jason brings back the sound clip board!!

32:30 - Evan wonders if the ghosts can leave house, why not just live normal lives AS ghosts?

39:30 - Greg Sestero from "The Room" is in BLY MANOR!!

45:45 - Carla Gugino's "ghost story" during a wedding reception last 9 hours??!!

56:00 - We play "MOVIE WEAPONS SWAP GAME!!" (Ex: Cap's Shield/Freddy's Glove. Green Lantern Ring/Jason's Machete. Ash's Chainsaw Hand/Spidey's Web Shooters.)


Watch "Movie Weapons Swap ROUND ONE" HERE!!



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This week Evan talks about how everything in "Master Chef" is a...(COMMERCIAL BREAK!! …"And We're Back!!")…fake out. Jason brings a game guessing about the plots for the new "FACE/OFF" sequel. (EX: Turner & Hooch starring in "HEAD/OFF".) Which leads to our new character "The Begrudging Critic". & Evan brings up a weird moment in "Black Lighting" between Black Lighting and a high school kid, talking about something he really shouldn't be talking about.

00:30 - Intros

01:10 - Evan has a bone to pick with...(COMMERCIAL BREAK!! …"And We're Back!!")…Master Chef.

20:45 - Jason tries to start his "FACE/OFF" game, but we discover "The Begrudging Critic".

30:30 - Jason finally starts his "FACE/OFF" game. (EX: Gary Busey & Andy Griffith in "FACE/OFF BUT SKIN SIDE IN"!!)

56:05 - Evan shares a funny moment where, Black Lightning asks his daughters boyfriend about how well he cleans his..."stuff". 



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We start with quick talk about the inauguration, and then Evan brings a clip of a PBS News Hour correspondent who lets herself go a little bit. Jason brings funny/weird business names he's seen. Evan shares more "Star Trek: TNG" episode moments; Data, like Worf, forgets all about his young new friend (Hero Worship), and how easy it is to "formulate a plan" in space (Starship Mine). And we close with another round of "MOVIE SWAP: CLASSIC WEAPONS EDITION".

00:30 - Intros and plugging our 400th episode.

01:45 - Inauguration talk and how some people thought Trump would have an 11th hour come back but....nothing. Also how being president AGES YOU so we wonder what the hell will Biden look like? We figure it out.

18:15 - PBS News Hour video with Judy Woodruff. And she lets herself go a little....

24:40 - Weird Business Names! "Spartanburg Karate: Kicking Kids", "Senior TLC", & "Cowpens: Antiques, Restaurants & Gas".

48:00 - Star Trek Re-watch funny moments. Episode "Hero Worship" & "Starship Mine". "I think they're formulating a plan."

1:02:53 - MOVIE SWAP: CLASSIC WEAPONS EDITION!! We swap Bat'lith (Star Trek) & Leg-Gun (Planet Terror), Phasers (Star Trek & Mjolnir (Thor), Shining Axe & Indy Whip.  


Listen to more "Movie Swap" games HERE!!



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Horror Month has begun! We always start our month of horror themed shows with a HALLOWEEN BEST OF to get us in the mood. Enjoy these 10 clips from the last year that we just love!! And tune in next week for the start of our Halloween Episodes!!

0 - [00:00] - Introductions. PLUS Trivia Giveaways. PLUS We want YOUR HELP with our "Inappropriate Alfred Hitchcock Cameos Game" for next week. 

01 - [02:05] - The REAL story behind our Horror-Themed Intro song. (Thank you Neil Lee Griffin) 

02 - [05:45] - "The Walking Dead" - Improv Show Episode.

03 - [18:15] - Can Freddy Kreuger Save You From Wild Dogs? (Character Actor Lifeline Game)

04 - [27:15] - Ted Bundy is Your Roommate

05 - [33:50] - The Old Shining Lady Keeps Messing Things Up!

06 - [39:10] - Michael McDonald is THE VOICE of Michael Myers.

07 - [47:00] - Creature Swap Game! "Snake" & "Jaws on a Plane"

08 - [53:45] - Would Jeffrey Epstein Survive "The Thing"?

09 - [57:30] - Would Jeffrey Dahmer Survive "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"? (w Nate Oulette & Joe Johnson of Alchemy Improv Comedy)

10 - [1:00:45] - Twisted Endings Game - "Chucky" but with the ending of "Diabolique"?

Website: https://beardedone.podbean.com/

Twitter: @BeardedOnesPod

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Where, while quarantined, we try to make some fun out of it by first, stopping saying coronavirus AND making a drinking game out of the episode. Look we know ya'll are drinking, might as well listen to us and get drunker. We play The Movie Musical Game, Jason brings a new game where we take the viruses our of "virus movies", we talk Shark Tank AND play another new game where we see what "Logan" type old person movies might work for other superheroes!!!


P.S.-Kids..if you listen..... it's ok...cuz the world is upside down.


Please also consider the fundraiser still going strong here....https://www.gofundme.com/f/gary-dewitt-needs-hope-to-keep-fighting?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=m_pd+share-sheet&fbclid=IwAR3jRVACc1XsPUohh7OJukl2--b3Zn3jOHgcyei2yZQ5SfLJ_U1jMvhVsKg

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Our last Halloween Episode this month!! With SPECIAL GUEST Miley!

02:20 - Intros

04:30 - ROAST OF DRACULA!! Special Guest Andrew Van of "False Start: Fake Sports, Real Shots" Podcast.

27:30 - Miley tells a Haunted Trail Story.

30:00 - Jason and Miley talk about "Candyman".

33:40 - Jason and Miley talk about their time at the 1st Annual Bigfoot Festival in Westminster S.C. 

42:50 - Evan talks about the ONLY WAY TO BEAT JASON in Friday the 13th!!

48:20 - Jason brings another round of "MOVIE SWAP: HORROR CREATURES EDITION" Where we swap the creatures in 2 horror movies and figure out what those movies would've been. (Example: Planet of the Apes & The Fly)

1:01:00 - Miley talks about the 1st scary movie she remembers seeing. And Evan breaks down "Nightmare On Elm St. Part 6" How it's an amazing idea, but has a tough execution. 

1:11:00 - We play a BONUS round of "MOVIE SWAP" with "The Ring" and "Critters".

1:14:20 - Jason brings another round of "HOLIDAY EPISODES: HALLOWEEN EDITION" Where we force TV shows that wouldn't normally have holday episodes onto them. (Example: Halloween Episode of 'This Is Us')


Listen to Andrew Van's Podcast "False Start: Fake Sports, Real Shots" HERE!!


Background Music by: FesliyanStudios Background Music



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Where we start spooky with some shout outs..MMWWAAA HAA HAAA.... Brandon James new podcast Periodt.... Julie Kottakis' book.. Yulia and Greg and Bryan Gallaghers new podcast "Mill City Comedy Greenroom"...links below. THEN we get into Evan's failed attempt at a Drive-Thru prank, a news report on a monster WE created, Evan's almost failed Chucky prank, a pointless voice changer..which at least gives us Trucker Creepy Bane, Freddy Kreuger's writing staff, we play another round of the "Movie Swap Game" (Horror Creature Swap Edition) and close with a new bracket.. this time... "Which Horror Villain Would Make Jasons' Best Best-Man??!!" MWWAAA


P.s.-Kids, if you listen.. a horror icon will go redneck for no good reason.

Check out Periodt here..... https://open.spotify.com/show/7xUvEfdTZTFD0UdS8rclXV

Check out Julies Book here..... https://www.wattpad.com/790439844-yulia-and-greg-hamilton-rock-paper-scissors

AND Bryans podcast here..... https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mill-city-comedy-greenroom/id1482705941

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We start with a review, THEN we get into how wars are won...by waiting...we think?? Then Jason confirms a mistake in "Endgame" that so far we think we are the only people that have noticed.  After that, we talk "The Terror" and about how naming a ship by any other name...might save your frinkin' crew.... Then Jason brings us tales of poorly named restaurants, we talk Waterloo and brist being unflappable, we play "The Movie Swap" game and we close with improvised scenes based on background noise supplied by Tabletop Audio, pls donate..link below!!

P.s.-Kids, if you listen you will just sit outside a town you need to take to end a war and do...nothing...NOTHING!!!!

Check out Tabletop Audio here...https://tabletopaudio.com/

And even though not mentioned, Evans new Audiobook The Chine (Written by Teddy Raye) is out..check it out here.... 

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Where we start with shout-outs to FWFIFE.COM, SYKA (her cd is called "STAY WILD", not get wild, Evan) and a shout-out to Carolyn Adams (new novel "RUTHLESS" just got published). Then we get Jason's visit to Carrie's novel release party, and we learn about her Pacino-like love of horses. We also learn about Jason's semi-autobiographical-hypothetical novel.

We then watch a video of basically The Goddamn Krakken! We move on to Evan's recent show terror, Jason's unintentional hook-up flirting a Wendy's, Evan's dream dollar store clerk, another one of Evan's Amazon Movie Reviews (or opinions of a douche), and we close with an imaginary friend bracket, where we ask the question, "If you had to be an imaginary friend's imaginary friend, who would you pick? (It makes sense when you listen.)
P.S.-Kids, if you listen, your imaginary friend will insist you go to the QT, all the time. 
Read Carissa's Fwfife.com post HERE!
Listen to SYKA's new album HERE!
Purchase Carolyn Lee Adams book "Ruthless" HERE!
Watch the Colossal Squid video HERE!

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Where we dig on nerd holidays, first time dirty words and their consequences, weird compliments, ugly babies, cry-baby bridges, skeery legends (that aren't skeery), pardoning badasses, presidential food, craigs list and weird news.

Can be explicit

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Where (with the help of a special guest) we dig on car stories, pisshing, craigs list, female decoys, tattoos, foot fetishes, batman, SC-inspired fiction, how lonely water based team characters can get, sexy comic book heroines, and weird news.

P.S.-can be explicit

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