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Where we start with New Years Eve recaps, then move into Mark Hamill and his stirring production of the sequel to "The Elephant man", "The Horse Guy". Which leads us into a brief story about something you NEVER want to hear a parent tell you.

After that, Jason talks us about Umbrellas and how they're not just to protect you from the rain, they're also killing machines that are more effective than the terminator. 
Evan asks Jason where he would go if the whole world were after him and the answer makes him rethink their friendship, then Jason proposes some really, really, really awful movie ideas, we watch a promo for "Japanese Spider-man" and close with a discussion of Swaggy P and his Swaggy Priorities ( c'mon man, they're just shoes).
P.S. - Kids, if you listen... Jason will pitch you movie ideas.
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