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Where we start by apologizing for last weeks rough audio with releasing this episode 2 days early!!!!!  Also Jason apologizes for constantly sidetracking the beginnings of these episodes with a festive card and mispronounced word! After that, Jason discusses being offensive, Evan discusses how many letters can we add to make acceptance acceptable enough, we hear a conversation Evan had with someone while typsy, Jason asks some questions about The Last Jedi, Evan reads a series of obnoxious facebook messages from a HUGE douche, Jason plays another round of What If, and we close with another edition of...Cupids Corner!!!!


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P.S.-Kids, if you listen, a douche will beg you to tell him he's good looking...for like a WHOLE WEEK.

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Where we start with talk of CLEMSON TIGER PRIDE (mostly), then we get into talkers at the movies, how people love learning spoilers for movies that haven't even officially started filming.

This leads into regrettable Facebook posts, figuring out which friend is a "friend" or a hopeful "friend....with benefits". THEN we get into a young Jason Underwood and his young stanzas; Jason reads his book of poems from 1993, entitled "Poem Book".
And we debut a new musical game!!!!!
P.S.-Kids, if you listen.....Haiko.... that's all we need to say. 

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Where we talk (SPOILER FREE) about "The Force Awakens" and we get into our own personal "well of souls" (a'la "Raiders Of The Lost Ark") Plus shout outs to Wikishuffle and Horror Honeys podcasts.

Then we get into how The Dark Side really should have tempted Anakin more easily, Star Wars racism is confirmed, the added bits from a Star Wars novelization, Jason's bad day/creepy cave and then we close out with a new bracket, since Jedi guide young padawan to their full potential then it makes sense to ask the question, "Which Star Wars Character Would Make The Best High School Guidance Counselor?"
Check out Evans Audio books here:
Wikishuffle here:
Horror Honeys here:

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