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Where we start with an amazing array of people wishing Evan a Happy Birthday with their own unique impressions!! Thank you all so much! 

THEN, we get into a-holes at their kids basketball games and Jason reads us a peom from what we on the show like to call his "Dark Years"...and by dark years we mean that one time he tried to write a downer poem.

THEN, we close out with a game sent to us by Lucky Ten Thousand co-host and friend of the show, Carissa, where we, "Play Lyrics of a Famous Song Read by a Robot and Have To Guess The Song!" 


P.S.-Kids, if you listen, that guy we talk about..... that's your Dad.

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Where we beg for money for Season 2 of Evan's webseries kickstarter. Then you can actually hear Bearded One Jason tune out of the conversation while Evan gives him hell for eating at Twin Peaks. THEN we give our opinions on the controversial "Batgirl" comic book cover AND Supergirl's freaky horse, Comet. We get into "Smokey and the Bandit". Evan "teaches" acting and stiffs pizza delivery guys, Jason shares a story of super neglectful N.C. parents and we meet an even more neglectful officer of the law, then we watch a video of stabbing victims (who survive) and realize that if you're going to a restaurant that specializes in ranch dressing, then you're hiding a deep seated perversion.

P.S.-Kids... don't make yourselves number 6.
See the stabbing victims here:
To donate to "The First Five Years" kickstarter click here:
Watch Season One here:

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Where with missing Bearded One Jason...uh...missing... we welcome the charming, talented, stunning, intelligent...Dame Judy Dench...but it turns out she's a racist, so we get Debra Capps instead. THEN we talk about Queen adult entertainment, workin in radio...whoo aaaoohhhh, stage kissing, real kissing, real bad kissing, awkward come ons ( and bearded one Evan didn't say a single one!) favorite non-cursing insults (now with cursing), movie villains, chuck manson replacing Craig Ferguson, the evil that is The Tooth Fairy, what your dating age is...WILD FIRE!!! Plus so much more. 

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, the Tooth Fairies gonna clone ya, and that's not cool.

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