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Where we start with a (late) review of "Batman V Superman" and then get into the game everyone loves (except a certain "7th Heaven" character) SQUAD!


Where Evan randomly selects his "Squad" from popular TV characters, and must assign who's who in certain scenarios.

Then we read an article about a teacher with some interesting teaching techniques... very centipede-y techniques.... and we see that when you have a Tinder profile, ya gots ta make sure what you say is what you mean.
And finally Jason talks "The Running Man" and we invent a brand new dating show!!!
P.S.Kids.. if you listen... do you bleed? You will. Until we make up and become besties like right after.

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Where we start with a heartfelt thank you to upstateisgreat.com for having Evan on the show, then we segue into stories of Spiderman balloons gone wrong, but oh so right, until you realize you're dating a balloon-man cheatin' ho!!!! Then we get into a long (and severely audio enhanced, sorry) section about Mr. Wes Craven and his contributions to cinema, which leads to a new horror icon and the horror on Tinder and it's ability to make you look like a fast food lovin' loser, we then close with another bracket!!! This time we ask the question, "Which no-good pop culture SLACKER would you rather room with?"

Listen to interviews from www.upstateisgreat.com HERE! We'll let you know when Evan's episode is up!
P.S. - Kids, if you listen, Evan will make sure his mic is unplugged for the entire middle portion of the show.

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Where we review the Mayweather/Pacino fight, then we get into more tinder mistakes and the introduction of Rhonda... 

That leads into the GROSSEST video we've ever watched. Then we have to cleanse our palates with the worlds biggest invention fails.
And we close out with a new bracket challenge! This time we ask the question, "Which Side-Kick would make the best wing man?" Listen to find out!
P.S - Kids, if you listen, we'll pop a horses pimple in your general direction. 

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Where Evan and Jason get back into Tinder and Evan opens up about why he's failing at it. THEN we get into when Jason had his Con-Cherry popped, and how Jason believes Comic-Con-ers and Hipsters have more in common than you think. We discover monsters that we are glad are dead, and we hear about more of Jason's movie ideas!!!

P.S.-Kids.... Saw blade-mouthed shark....get it!!???

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Where we help the geeks out there who are tired of all this bracket talk with a bracket of our own!

We have a bracket full of Superheroes and ask ourselves "Which superhero is the best lover?"
But first, we dig on Tinder and Tinder-bots, Jason gives Evan dating advice, we talk "Snowpeircer" (spoilers), we talk serial killers (spoilers) and so so much more!!
P.S. - Kids, if you listen....Evan will awkwardly hit on your mom.
Check out the Valentine Wolfe Video we discuss!!
Donate to our Friends at Victims!!
AND The Girl From Carolina!!

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