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Where we start with Evan recounting the awesome night he had at Turbo Wrestling!!! THEN we play another round of The Butler Game,where we see what butlers may have done before they ....um..butled...after that, Evan talks about how creepy and dumb insects are, we realize that you really have to be very careful about where you put ads in an article about a recent tragedy, we do another round of Apocalyptic Improv (improv or comedic scenes and woefully inappropriate times) and Evan talks dreams...or his lack of success in them anyway. 


P.s.-Kids, if you listen..you will dream you meet a hero and they couldn't care less.


Check out Turbo Wrestling here... https://www.prowrestlingturbo.com/



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Where we start with yet another reminder about the People's Choice Podcast Awards (voting ends 7/31,vote here ... PLEASE) then we talk about George A. Romero and his heartbreaking passing, we taste test a candy bar with all them porkish fixins... Then Evan regales us with tales of partying at 40, mid-life crisis DJs, hole in the wall concierges, and recovering from said partying at age 40. Ugh.


After that, Evan reveals something from his past that even his therapist wasn't prepared for and Jason brings us another Bearded Ones Bracket.. this time, based on the 1st look at "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" we as the question, "What Disney Movie Would Make the Worst Theme Park?"


P.S.-Kids, if you listen.... Zippidy Do Dah.


Also one last reminder, vote for us HERE (Best Comedy Podcast AND Peoples Choice). 

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