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This week Evan and Jason talk "Wandavision" finale. Evan is confused by all the creepy weird medicine commercials on Hulu during "30 Rock". And Jason brings another clip from last weeks Night Stalker Survivor interview, but Evan FINALLY realizes that it's fake. It's not about serial killer Richard Ramirez, but ....Bigfoot.

00:30 - Intros & Plugs. Jason guested on "False Start with Andrew Van" where we talked about "Wandavision" also! Listen to hit HERE!!


26:45 - Evan finds a creepy commercial during funny "30 Rock" all about stopping wound discharge. 

31:30 - Another commercial about Pure Leaf Tea that makes you say "NO" and it ruins this lady's life, and in turn America.

38:45 - Part 2 of "Surviving the Night Stalker" clip & Evan FINALLY realizes that it's all fake. It's actually about Bigfoot.


Listen to "False Start with Andrew Van" Wandavision Roundtable HERE!!

‎False Start with Andrew Van: 102: WandaVision Post Finale Thoughts on Apple Podcasts

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Evan gets hired to be an extra/stand in on a TV shoot! And it helps if you bring the right size shirts. And Jason brings a clip of Sean Penn in jail with "The Night Stalker". & Jason tricks Evan! Jason doctored a clip about Bigfoot, and told Evan it was about serial killer Richard Ramirez. 

00:30 - Introductions

01:05 - Evan's short story about tasting fame for the 1st time. A picture in the newspaper.

04:20 - Evan's big story of being an extra on a TV shoot. And all the things that went wrong, as well as the cool parts.

51:45 - Jason brings a clip of Sean Penn & Richard Ramirez being pen pals for the day. 

59:00 - Jason tricks Evan. The interview isn't about surviving "The Night Stalker" it's about surviving BIGFOOT.


Watch "Sean Penn & Richard Ramirez" Video HERE!!

Shocking Details About The Night Stalker Richard Ramirez (Netflix left out!) - YouTube

Watch Episode 1 of "The First Five Years" HERE!!

The First Five Years - Season 1, Episode 1 - The Wedding on Vimeo

Email: BeardedOnesPodcast@gmail.com

Twitter: @BeardedOnesPod

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Jason brings clips he said he would make from the last 2 episodes. Evan gives his thoughts on Netflix's "Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel" documentary. Evan loves "Master Chef" except for one thing. And on the 1 year anniversary of his passing we play another "True/False Quiz" about the book plots of the great CLIVE CUSSLER!!

00:30 - Intros

01:25 - Clips Jason made clips based on previous 2 episodes. "Our Mush Mouth Debate" for ep: 401 & "Combine All the Sound Clips Challenge" for ep: 402. 

10:15 - Our talk on "Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel" Listen to the 1st time we reacted to the "Elevator Video" from the Cecil. HERE!! 

THE BEARDED ONES EP 243: ATTACK OF THE BEARD!!!!!!! (podbean.com)

Also listen to Evan and Carissa talk about it on "The Lucky 10,000 Podcast" HERE!!


39:30 - Evan vents about "Master Chef" 

52:55 - Clive Cussler Book Plot Quiz. Jason reads book plots and Evan has to guess if it's real or if Jason made it up.


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We continue celebrating our 10-Year anniversary of the show with talk about the Super Bowl. We talk about the player that got his pinky amputated and maybe other players have done it too. And what did Tom Brady say to Honey Badger that he wouldn't share with us? Was it gross, was it just lame? Then we realize why Coach Andy Reid's facemask was all loose. Chili Dogs.

Then we talk "Wandavision" (thru episode 5 only) And what dumb character will be the one that makes the MCU slip?

And we've played so many amazing sound clips over the years, we put them into a bracket and decide our favorite!!

00:30 - Intros and Happy Birthdays

02:15 - Superbowl Talk. Players cutting things off, Gross and Lame Tom Brady insults, and Coach Andy Reid giving plays while mid Chili Dog.

23:45 - "Wandavision" talk. And what character will make the MCU slip? Paste Pot Pete?

54:40 - BRACKET! We ask "Which Past Sound Clip is our FAVORITE?"


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We start with quick talk about the inauguration, and then Evan brings a clip of a PBS News Hour correspondent who lets herself go a little bit. Jason brings funny/weird business names he's seen. Evan shares more "Star Trek: TNG" episode moments; Data, like Worf, forgets all about his young new friend (Hero Worship), and how easy it is to "formulate a plan" in space (Starship Mine). And we close with another round of "MOVIE SWAP: CLASSIC WEAPONS EDITION".

00:30 - Intros and plugging our 400th episode.

01:45 - Inauguration talk and how some people thought Trump would have an 11th hour come back but....nothing. Also how being president AGES YOU so we wonder what the hell will Biden look like? We figure it out.

18:15 - PBS News Hour video with Judy Woodruff. And she lets herself go a little....

24:40 - Weird Business Names! "Spartanburg Karate: Kicking Kids", "Senior TLC", & "Cowpens: Antiques, Restaurants & Gas".

48:00 - Star Trek Re-watch funny moments. Episode "Hero Worship" & "Starship Mine". "I think they're formulating a plan."

1:02:53 - MOVIE SWAP: CLASSIC WEAPONS EDITION!! We swap Bat'lith (Star Trek) & Leg-Gun (Planet Terror), Phasers (Star Trek & Mjolnir (Thor), Shining Axe & Indy Whip.  


Listen to more "Movie Swap" games HERE!!



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We start with Evan discovering something about his cat. Then we watch terrorists be surprised that they're not allowed on planes. We combine Mystical Artifacts/Sidekicks/Types of Videogames to create pitches for the NEW "INDIANA JONES" video game announced. Evan is back into NFL football...well cursing...during NFL football. And we close with a true story of Evan's first..."fight".

00:50 - We preview our 400th episode. (It's the opposite of a 'Best Of' we will go over our "bombs/flubs/joke fails")

02:30 - Evan's revelation about his cat Champ. He's needy, he's chill, but he will also JUDGE JUDGE JUDGE.

12:35 - We watch a video of a DC riot guy who was kicked off his flight because he's been put on the no-fly-list and can't possibly understand why. 

34:20 - Jason brings another round of "PITCH THE VIDEOGAME" in honor of the news of a new "Indian Jones" videogame announcement. We combine Mythical Artifacts + Indy Sidekicks + Types of Video Games to create weird/fun game pitches. 

1:06:15 - Evan loves the NFL....cursing on live tv.

1:12:30 - Evan's pathetic "1st Fight" story. 

Stay Tuned for our 400th episode coming up soon!!

Watch Bearded Ones Comedy Podcast videos HERE!!


Listen to more "Pitch The Show" games HERE!!



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WE'RE BACK!! And stuff has gone to hell. We start by talking about those DBags in DC. Evan is fed up with reactors (until he becomes one #MaxwellTheReactor.) We watch the dumbest (or maybe the most genius) reactor as he watches "Pulp Fiction". We go over our WW84 Predictions Quiz Questions to see who was right. And we close with a BRACKET!! This week Jason got a new car so we ask, "Which Vehicle would make the best NEW 'KNIGHT RIDER' SHOW?"

01:30 - We talk about those A-Holes who broke into the capitol, and mock them for 5 minutes.

06:15 - Then we mock reactors. (and at the same time envy them.) We ask 'what if' reactors had a writers room.

26:10 - Evan then becomes a reactor. Maxwell The Reactor, as he watches the "Wandavision" trailer. ("Aww he touched her hair ya'll.")

29:40 - We watch a dummy (or genius) who reacts to "Pulp Fiction", and he is BAFFLINGLY DUMB (OR GENIUS).

53:10 - We go over our "'Wonder Woman 1984' Predictions Quiz" (thanks again Language of Bromance)

1:06:25 - BRACKET!! Jason bought a new car, and it reminded him of "Knight Rider" so he asks, "Which non-car vehicle would make the best NEW 'KNIGHT RIDER' SHOW?"


Listen to MORE Bearded Ones Quizzes HERE!!

QUIZZES (podbean.com)

Listen to MORE Bearded Ones Brackets HERE!!

BRACKETS!! (podbean.com)

Listen to "Language of Bromance Podcast" HERE!!

Language of Bromance Podcast


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We are back! Hope you guys had a great safe Thanksgiving. Evan decided be safe and not only have Thanksgiving alone, but also in the dark without some power. We talk about that, as well as another attempt at online dating. We have an update on the "Virgin Diaries" wedding. Jason asks Evan to make up amusement park rides based on "The Mandalorian". And we close with Evan saying "Picard" should be called "Picard: F**k You Old Man!!" (And keep an eye out for our upcoming CHRISTMAS EPISODE!!)

00:30 - Intros

01:15 - Evan talks about his Thanksgiving in the dark. And his attempt at online dating story.

20:10 - Virgin Diaries UPDATE.

34:45 - "AMUSE ME: MANDALORIAN EDITION" We take classic moments from the show and turn them into amusement park rides. (Ex: Mando Vs Mudhorn as a rollercoaster)

53:50 - Evan's Star Trek Rewatch - "Picard" We discover the deep reason why everyone hates Picard, and it's to bring back universal peace. (Or something that sounds like peace.)


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HAPPY THANKSGIVING GUYS!! This week we watch a FOR REAL first kiss, talk about things that make William Shatner smile, turn Christmas movies into Thanksgiving movies, Janeway and Paris's salamander babies, and how Dr. Crusher chose a cloud over Jean-Luc Picard.

00:30 - Intros and we explain Evan's audio.

01:40 - Evan brings a video called "Uncomfortable Double Virgin Wedding Kiss" from Virgin Diaries on TLC.

29:00 - We have fun with a William Shatner clip where he says, "That makes me smile." A lot makes Shatner smile BTW.

31:15 - Jason brings a game where we turn Popular Christmas/Regular movies into Thanksgiving Movies!!

44:50 - Evan talks about the weird "Star Trek Voyager" episode where Janeway and Paris de-evolve and have salamander babies.

49:20 - Evan brings up an episode of "Star Trek TNG" where Dr. Crusher teases Picard then turns around and dates a cloud.


Watch "Uncomfortable Double Virgin Wedding Kiss" HERE!!

Uncomfortable Double Virgin Wedding Kiss.Diaries..so, WHO's into it more? HE or SHE?? DUH - YouTube



P.S. - Happy Thanksgiving by the way!!

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01:20 - Introductions

02:45 - Evan brings a video of a Dad who pranks his daughter Ouija Board party. Also we have fun with OTHER pranks he might do. They might get him arrested.

10:40 - We play another round of "The Sh*tty Shed" Where we talk about a "Horror Trope", "Horror Movie" & "Actual Fear" to toss in there, banishing it from Earth FOREVER!!

28:05 - We play "INAPPROPRIATE M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN CAMEOS" Where we replace his actual cameo with a silly/tactless one. (We do: "Unbreakable", "Signs", "The Village", "The Happening", PLUS we go over your ideas with "The Sixth Sense".)

1:10:30 - Jason reads the CREEPY pen pal letter he received from someone back in 9-16-1992. 



Watch Prank Dad HERE: 




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00:45 - Intros

01:50 - Evan's episode of "CHEATIES" is up! And we talk about the movie version of it.

04:30 - Jason's episode of "LAUGHTER PARTY" is up! And Jason share's his AWFUL JOKE.

13:30 - Evan realizes that Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight" is WAAY creepy.

25:30 - We play another round of "WOULD THEY SURIVIVE?" Where we drop real life dirt bags into horror movies and discuss if they would survive or not. (EX: Would John Wilkes Booth Survive "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer"?)

58:24 - Evan shares an amazing song PERFRECT FOR THE SEASON. "Ghosts" by Jonathan Lewis (Feat. Becca Price).

1:04:00 - Evan brings another round of "GOOGLE TRANSLATE GAME: Edgar Allen Poe EDITION"


Evan's episode of CHEATIES!!!


Jason's episode of "LAUGHTER PARTY"!!!


Listen to "GHOSTS" by Jonathan Lewis (feat. Becca Price)!!!





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00:00 - Intros

02:00 - Evan "interviews" Robert Englund. And he reveals some BIG stuff!!

10:00 - We play "FILM PROPOSALS" Where we use movies to propose to a partner. With the help of Joe Johnson (Twitter: @FillCollinz) & Jason Evans (Twitter: @CitizenJason5).

34:20 - We talk "American Murder" docu-drama from Netflix.

48:35 - We play a BRACKET!! We ask "Which Monster would make the BEST Stand-Up Comedian?"


Subscribe to us on YouTube!! HERE!!


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Amazing show this week. Evan talks gross drinks, Jason brings "Good" Game ideas for our 400th episode. We talk "Zombie Karen" video. We read craigslist missed connections, Evan found new words Jason can call his wife. Jason brings a clip from last week "REALLY?!!" And we close with the beauty that is Gary Busey on Cameo. 

00:30 - Intros

01:30 - Evan drinks something gross.

04:40 - Jason's "Great" new game ideas for our 400th episode. FYI Evan hates them.

12:50 - We watch the "Zombie Karen" video. And talk about mask vs no mask.

35:50 - Jason reads Craigslist Missed Connections from Alan Feuer's book "I Hope You Find Me."

45:00 - Evan brings a list of terms, Jason can call his new bride, from around the world.

56:00 - We relive an amazing clip from last week's episode "REALLY?!!" (Thank you Brian Reeder)

59:30 - Gary Busey is on the Cameo App, 'Nuff Said.

NOMINATE US HERE!! (for COMEDY) at the People's Choice Podcast Awards!!


Watch Zombie Karen Video HERE!!


Buy Alan Feuer's book "I Hope You Find Me" HERE!!


And if you want to buy the Bearded Ones a Gary Busey Cameo, it's right HERE!!


Listen to Evan's episode of "False Start: Fake Sports Real Shots" - TV DAD Bracket HERE!!



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This week we have a special guest, actor/entertainer Brian Reeder!!

00:30 - Introductions & plugs.

03:45 - Jason recap's his wedding!

14:00 - Evan and Brian talk "Train to Busan" and the DUMBEST WAY TO DEAL WITH ZOMBIES from an episode of "BLACK SUMMER".

40:20 - We play "Is It Stalking?!" Where we randomly put celebrites/objects/actions together and ask the question, "Is It Stalking?"

(Example: Prince doing the Mash Potato near Axl Rose while holding a bag of dog tails.)

1:05:10 - Evan and Brian talk "Call of Duty" and how Evan sucks, & what if your AI troops were real? What would they think of you?

Follow Brian Reeder on Instagram HERE!


Listen to Evan's new YouTube Videos HERE!


Check out Stephanie's "Next Southern Star" sketch HERE!


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Evan is BACK! We start by recognizing a beloved member of the upstate South Carolina theater community, Kim Granner. We then shout out some of our favorite YouTube channels and podcasts hosted or produced by people of color. 

00:30 - Introductions and Shout Outs: "Double Toasted", "Lost in Vegas", "Urban Acolyte", "No Life Shaq".

10:00 - Evan VOTES and misunderstands his poll agent. Apparently he was NOT telling him who the racists were.

17:45 - We play another round of "INAPPROPRIATE STAN LEE CAMEOS". This time we go through MCU Phase Two movies.

37:00 - We play another round of "THE GOOGLE TRANSLATE MOVIE GAME". Evan puts movie synopsis through google translate a few times then back to English, and Jason has to guess the correct movie.

1:02:20 - Jason talks about how "Star Trek: TNG" had dolphin and whale crew members!!

1:09:20 - Evan brings another clip of Coach Dave! Watch it HERE!

Watch Coach Dave Clip HERE!


Listen to Evan's discussion with Jason Farr HERE!


Listen to Jason Farr's episode "Be Better to Each Other" HERE.


Order Evan's newest audiobook "Carried Away (A Time Travel Romance) HERE!


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