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Where, after a quick apology for the uneven audio in this episode, we start with talk of how far you would go to kill competition, Evan visits the SEXIEST Urgent Care ever.... and a male nurse tests his gag reflex, we hear an ACTUAL clip of the as yet unfilmed HAN SOLO FILM, featuring "Han Solo" "Lando Calrissian" "Lando's Uncredited Girlfriend".

And then we talk racism!!!! Funny!!!


P.S.-Kids, if you listen, you will be forced by future romantic partners to embarass yourself on tape.


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Where we start off with tales of minor ailments and how they'll KILL YOU!!! (Thanks Web MD), then we tell terrifying tales of......BUG LEGS!! Then we find out that search engines keep a catalogue of how f*cked up we are as a society. Then we take suggestions from our listeners and talk about bad movies, bad and good super heroes and climb into the head of the most passive hero ever!!

P.S. Not for kids

P.S.S-Thanks again Todd!

P.S.S.S-Because of the delay in getting this one up, some shows mentioned in our wrap up have closed, so...we suck. ENJOY!!!!

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