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Evan is back on board with "Falcon & The Winter Soldier". Jason has an uncomfortable dream about the "White Dora Milaje". What if it too Bucky a long time to put his arm back on. Evan & Jason mock a jerk who texted one of his female friends. Jason recaps his D&D experience with "Blue Ridge Adventurer's Guild" & we close with a game where we swap the EVIL PLAN of (2) bad guys, and have fun figuring out what those (2) movies would be.


00:30 - Intros & Plugs - Vote for Evan for (Best Supporting Role) in the S.C. Update Theater Awards!

2021 Upstate Theatre Awards Ballot (google.com)

03:15 - We talk Episode 4 of "Falcon & Winter Soldier", Evan is BACK ON BOARD, and Jason had an uncomfortable dream about the "White Dora Milaje"

11:00 - Bucky has to fix his arm at home while Falcon fights alone. 

16:30 - Evan reads a crappy hypocritical text message thread to one of his female friends. 

22:45 - Jason recaps his Dungeons & Dragons podcast stint with The Blue Ridge Adventurers Guild" as Belladar & his 500 Dogs! So he recaps the campaign by going over his Top-10 uses for having 500 dogs.

43:40 - "EVIL PLAN SWAP!" We take 2 villains swap their motivation/evil plan, and what would those 2 movies be?

(EX: Xenomorph Alien with Judge Doom)


Listen to Blue Ridge Adventurers Guild HERE!

The Blue Ridge Adventurer’s Guild (podbean.com)


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