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Excited to have guests Harrison Brookie & Nate Oulette from The Alchemy Comedy Theater (Greenville, S.C.) We talk about our "The Rise of Skywalker" predictions and hopes. And them play a round of "Pitch The Show: Hallmark Christmas Movie Edition!!

00:45 - Introductions

04:45 - We go through answering Our Predictions and Hopes for Episode 9 "The Rise of Skywalker"!! (Characters you're excited to see. New creatures we could see? etc!)

31:10 - In honor of Christmas we play "PITCH THE SHOW: HALLMARK CHRISTMAS MOVIE EDITION!!" Where we randomly combine Typical and Atypical Hallmark Movie tropes and we have to PITCH THAT MOVIE!! (Ex: Career Oriented Obituary Writer Returns Home for Christmas to Visit Her Sick Recently Separated Twin.)

Check out Nate Oulette at Alchemy Theater HERE!!


Check out Harrison Brookie at Alchemy Theater HERE!!


Keep up to date with Alchemy Comedy Shows HERE!!



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