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With heavy hearts we remember Chadwich Boseman by talking about why we loved him, and giving our top 5 favorite Black Panther character moments from all the MCU movies he's been in. Evan shares a awful Comic Con host then more weird/funny Star Trek moments. And since Jason saw "New Mutants" we recap our predictions quiz from last week and see how we did! (One again big thanks again to Sean from "The Pittsburgh Nerd Podcast")

01:00 - We remember Chadwich Boseman and give our top 5 favorite character moments as Black Panther.

24:00 - We watch a horrible host from Magic City Comic Con Q&A with Brent Spiner. 

39:00 - Evan's weird/funny Star Trek moments.

1:07:30 - "New Mutants" Predictions results!! With Sean ("The Pittsburgh Nerd Podcast")



Watch awful Magic City Comic Con host HERE!!


Listen to our NEW You Tube video about how "The Old 'The Shining' Lady is Just In The Way" HERE!!



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