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Where even though Halloween is over we dig into some horror, because Candyman himself Tony Todd is now a twitter follower!!! So one of us has to explain the Candyman to the other one (cuz he a pussy and skeered) then we surmise what it must be like to just try to live your life and constantly get called into peoples bathrooms... THEN we talk about the New South Comedy Festival (which will be part of our 100th episode next week!!!) THEN we keep it going with tales of how every town a serial killer uses as their backdrop can't be a nice, violence free town and then figure out what it would be like to be a stickler on your victim profile... THEN we wonder what it would be like to only be known as a dude who sits in a bar...may he sit in a bar in peace.

P.S.-Kids...you're too young, don't listen... We know the Candyman now...
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