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Where our guest is none other than Mr Upstate Shakespeare Festival himself, John Fagan! We talk the festival, festival horror stories, critics and snarky reviews, that subject gets us into a munt/wanker discussion, which then leads to stories about how the festivals stage attracts thespians.... and thespians that wanna make out on the stage... then we get into his family history and cannon collectin, clubbin, bubblin, a very sincere piece of advice about coming out, how bearded one Evan decided to utilize the first time he met John, SETC stories and we close with deciding which songs make the best monologues....and find none.

Heres a link to USF- http://www.warehousetheatre.com/season/upstate-shakespeare-festival/
P.S.-Kids, if you listen, we'll forget to place your dagger.
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