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Where we start with Jason's recap of seeing "Kinky Boots" at the Peace Center, then we come up with our own Broadway musicals based on existing movies. ...Somehow that leads into the Mayans creating the idol cave from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and Karma. Then we watch a YouTube video of a fish that will not die, find out that Hitler tried CatDog (among other things). Jason found a list of girl flirts that turn you off, and we delve back into Jason's livejournal. And finally we give a shout out to friend James Sibley and his new DVD "Family Funny". We close with Lassies' true opinion of his/her show.

P.S.-kids, if you listen, fish will eat your brains.
Watch the Zombie Fish video HERE:
Buy "Family Funny" HERE:
Visit James Sibley's website HERE:
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