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Where we start off with a rocking fan-girl entry (thanks guys!), then we get into Jason's trip to The Charleston Comedy Festival w/Alchemy Tour Co. After that, we discover what everyone else already knew....Kirk is a total Pimp, we also realize if you want to kidnap someone for ransom.... best to move on from a certain bearded one..... then we get into the worst ninja to share a bus ride with ("I could'a cut your ears off!") and hear from Donald Trump supporter Gary Busey! Who makes a surprisingly effective case... for medication.

Then we close with an interview with Indie Horror Director James Cullen Bressack!
Who chats with us about his upcoming projects and love for horror in general.
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P.S.-Kids, if you listen, nun-chucks.

Visit current "Batgirl" illustrator Babs Tarr HERE!

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