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Where we start with a BANG..as in Jason bombing at a roast, then we stay current with talk about Honey Boo-Boo, we discover Zodiac chose his name for a real good reason...
(30:15 min mark) We play a game where we try to keep it clean...and we actually do, we play "FILL THE SLOT".
Then we discuss how to decipher "lady looks" and how to start conversations with women in public places, we watch a video about a pretty lady robot..who wants to kill you, we visit a couple on an island all their own, and we close with Kenny Baker talk (please dont take it too seriously, we luvs ya Kenny), and discover the best kind of Star Trek reboot.

P.S. Kids- if you listen, your thanksgiving will be all butter turkeys.
Check out the AI video here
Check out the Home Island Video here
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