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Where Jason and Evan continue with the 2nd half of their Hawaii talk from last episode. Jason has brought audio clips from the different adventures in Hawaii that he plays for Evan. Some sound creepy, some are of animals, some are of creepy animals.

Then, after the break, we invite Jason's girlfriend Miley in to do her own taste test of Hawaiian candy and then to tell more stories from the trip! Yes, she brought her own beard to fit in:)


Jason and Miley play another round of IS IT STALKING?


And they close out with an Improv Challenge with the help of Tabletop Audio!

Please donate to them HERE at tabletopaudio.com

Listen to The Ironcast Podcast HERE!

Buy Evan's new audiobook, NIGHTFALL by Anne Stuart, HERE!

And get ready, because next episode will be the beginning of our HALLOWEEN MONTH!!! 

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