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Where we start by recapping the prior evenings improv show, THEN Jason talks about how some "Christ-Like" groups interpret "Christ-like" as "Let's be a-holes and cover up other people's posters..just like Jesus would do!!" After that, a friend tries to lift Evans spirits by crushing his confidence (love you, Emily). We also discover Ben Franklin saved the union!!! THEN Evan gets abused voluntarily, Jason runs a 5K..Why he keeps doing this to himself,  we do not know.... after that, Evan takes a Snapsh*t, we revisit Junk Man and some commercials meant to circumvent certain laws... and we close with Evan wondering if what we all really need..is a good straw.


P.S.-Kids, if you listen, we will tell you you look like a very talented, and confirmed unsexy, person.


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