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Where we unpack a recent family tragedy by finding the humor. We talk about Evan's father and what a funny, wonderful guy he was. After that, we have included a few of our favorite moments from the past few months. This is a slightly different episode for us, but we sincerly hope you enjoy it. RIP Dad.


 Clips from  the best of portion are from the following episodes in order:

1. (Ep 271/272) "It's All The Time Buddy" & "It's Consistent Chum" [1:03:00 Minute Mark]

2. (Ep 227) "WHAT IF...Superman Landed on the Sun?" - From the "WHAT IF?! Comicbook Game." [1:15:28]

3. (Ep 262) "Leave Fredy Clagger Alone" - From "Google Translate A Movie Plot" Game. [1:21:15]

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