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We did it! And because we are perpetually losing things, we decided we would celebrate ourselves! Welcome to the The Bearded Awards..a classy,high quality event where we celebrate great moments from the last 100 episodes w/celebrity guests! Or at least sometimes they sound vaguely like celebrities..


P.S.-Kids, if you listen...aw go ahead and listen! Just this once!


Here is how the clips shake down:


Junk Man/Lori Bakker-Fr Ep 253:We're Metal!


Episode 174


The Vigilant Christian-Ep 212: The Junk Man Return-eth!


The Polar Bear Incident-Ep 215: My Son Died!


Best Edit Fr Ep 210-Sitcom Relationship Brackets!


Noncsensical Story Begins ep 216:My Best Friend Frank and ends ep 219!


Batmans Roomate Ep 249-Sailor Bill!


Matlock Discussions-Eps 245/242/210/206/205


Not Recognizing Russell Peters-Ep 269: Oh, You're a Comedian!


Best character ep 210/204/206/239




Boullion Revenge-Ep 268: Rappin and Wretchin!


Bum Luck-Ep 245: Bum Luck!


Freddy Clagger Ep 262: Leave Freddy Clagger Alone!


Lightening Ben Franklin-Ep 273: Ben Franklin, Lightening Bringer!


Please check out the episodes these clips came from and all our others! Here's to another 100!


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