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Where we start with a couple of clips from last weeks episode showcasing a range of examples of our...broadcasting...talent? THEN we revisit a character we came up with last week and his unknown exploits from that classic show GI Joe. After that, Evan brings a video of a street performer getting totally cock-blocked by one Mr Bumblebee himself. Jason then brings a new game where we pit characters from best picture winners against characters from regular old blockbusters and it turns out..almost exactly as you would expect. After that, Evan continues gushing over Legends of Tomorrow but regrets them not taking a particular venture to a certain crucifiction and then we close with realizing there is a good and bad side to how people choose to celebrate new years.


P.S.-Kids..if you listen...QT..that's all we have to say.


Check out the Mark Wahlberg video here.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACOltj1w_NQ



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