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Where we celebrate a full year of The Bearded Ones! Yes, if you listen to an episode a day, (not including best-ofs and special episodes) you can listen to us for a year!!! DO IT!!! And to celebrate, we have invited friend of the show and fellow improvisor Todd Janssen. (We even included 2 Easter eggs for our longtime fans)

WE go through "Bombs and Flubs" and deservedly mock ourselves!! After that we take some homemade Bearded Ones Quizzes, follow along at home and see how you do!

4:45 - Joke Bombs

19:15 - Bad Impressions

28:40 - Fails

38:40 - Mispronunciations 

40:55 - Segment Flubs

1:03:30 - Evan's Quiz

1:13:30 - Jason's Quiz

P.S.-Kids, if you listen Jason will make a production piece for you with no production.

Check out the Centre Stage Link here.....


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