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Where with very special guest Nick Shaheen we talk comedy! We talk his beginnings in LA, his drunken return and his using his godfather like powers to get Greenvilles comedy scene into a new era. Then, we go off on tangents about sketch comedy and how hard it can be (but only in '73), Flinststones, grunge, AQUA LUNG and how the band should have been called ROCK FLUTE, and so...so much more!

P.S.-Please visit Nicks twitter(@nickshaheen), his facebook shaheencomedy@facebook.com and spread the word about the upcoming city range show featuring Dave Wait and Ryan Singer
General Admission $12
Two Course Dinner & Show $27
Show will sell out early!! 
For Reservations call 864-286-9018
Live Stand Up Comedy may contain Adult Content.

Also, please visit our sponsors website JCOPRO.net and DIYTripods.com AND (whew) our new network website Couch potato Nation podcasts! http://www.couchpotatonation.com/

P.P.S-Kids, if you listen, Eddie Vedder will sing at you. Not for you...at you.
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