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Where we ring out Halloween-Month in style with creepy tales of Jason's knee problems, ice skater sex, rubber masks (eewww), then a TRUE zombie story and how even zombies gotta class it up every once and awhile... THEN we get into Halloween costumes, a confused Al Pacino, THEN we learn about Boo-Hag and how if you want a clean divorce from one,  how you can't cheat on them with their own skin, crappy Stephen King endings, one of the best scare pranks ever, how you should never piss off a cry baby bridge mom, monkeys will eat your corn (AAAHHHHHH)! Then we discuss Iguana man, and serial killers... not one in the same....we think.....

P.S.-Not for kids... or The Boo Hag will make you a little tired and be a nagging wife.
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