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"IS IT A PODCAST?" - Jason brings a list of podcast titles and it's up to Evan to decide if they are real or not. Then they listen to a clip. Sometimes it's from a real show, and sometimes it's some nonsense that Jason made. (Episodes: 262, 270)

"HORROR MOVIE or AMERICAN GLADIATOR EVENT?" - Jason asks Evan if the following names are Horror Movie Titles or American Gladiator Events. (Episode: 243 @1:04:00 min mark)

"CELEBRITY MU-HA-HA-WHO?" - Evan "Horror-Laughs" like different celebrites and it's up to Jason to guess the celebrity. (Episode 242 @49:00 min mark)

"ELVIS MOVIE PLOT QUIZ" - Jason reads the plot to an Elvis movie and Evan has to guess if it's real or one that Jason made up. (Episode: 237 @19 min mark)

"ADAM WEST" QUIZ - In rememberance of Adam West, Jason tests Evan on his Adam West knowledge. (Episode: 226 @25:45 min mark)

"MICHAEL MACDONALD-VOICE MOVIE QUIZ" - Evan has 10 movie quotes and he reads them in the beautiful voice of Michael MacDonald. You have to guess the movie. (Episode: 211 @43:00 min mark)

"CARRIE FISHER" QUIZ - In rememberance of Carrie Fisher, Jason tests Evan on his Carrie knowledge. (Episode: 203 @33:30 mark)