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Where we start a conversation about all things HARD CORE! Then we get into the granduer that is OTEP.. then we talk about MEgan Foxes toe thumb, f*cked up puppets...more wiggly f*cked up puppets, milkmen and they mommas, Keith Richards and how he knows how to tell you who your grandparents are, and how Mark Chapman may not have been great about keeping his awful plan secret(hey Mark, f*ck you dude).

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, some puppets will talk to you about jesus and then take you to hell!!!!!

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Where with very special guest Nick Shaheen we talk comedy! We talk his beginnings in LA, his drunken return and his using his godfather like powers to get Greenvilles comedy scene into a new era. Then, we go off on tangents about sketch comedy and how hard it can be (but only in '73), Flinststones, grunge, AQUA LUNG and how the band should have been called ROCK FLUTE, and so...so much more!

P.S.-Please visit Nicks twitter(@nickshaheen), his facebook shaheencomedy@facebook.com and spread the word about the upcoming city range show featuring Dave Wait and Ryan Singer
General Admission $12
Two Course Dinner & Show $27
Show will sell out early!! 
For Reservations call 864-286-9018
Live Stand Up Comedy may contain Adult Content.

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P.S.S-Kids, if you listen, Eddie Vedder will sing at you. Not for you...at you.
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Where one of us has NO IDEA what paracycling is until he's already made an ass of himself about it, then we get into naked dating and then swinger culture (where people that you don't want to see naked get naked ALL THE TIME), which leads to a seven minutes in heaven dissapointment, how biker nick names can sometimes be eerily prophetic, Asimo and what could be contrued as Frank Langella and his robot pal getting too intimate, lions finally not taking it anymore, Freddy Kreuger not really thinking things through, the Jetsons/flintstones crossover, the MASSIVE plot holes in Star Trek Generations, vs movies and why Dracula would have made a terrible bank robber.

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P.S.-Not for kids, if you listen, Asimo will be switched to evil.
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Where with special guest Jason Farr, we dig on day drinking, night drinking, drinking,being drunk, being too drunk... and well douchebag friends while drinking. Then we move on and have another heartfelt, inciteful look at the art (yes, it is an art) of stand up, being an extra and lettin that Bacon sizzle, a dating site for farm folk and close out strong with more obamas in the room than a tea partiers worst cloning nightmare.

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, Jason Underwood will tell the world he will never date you.... but you can watch The First Five Years at www.jackandcarmen.com
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Where we start with a loving conversation about a true genius, Robin Williams, then we get into some not-so-genuisy things, like SHARKNADO!! and come up with our own titles for those type thingies, then we get into old superman comics, lame heroes (candy tummy), lamer villians, we talk about the premiere of The First Five Years (www.jackandcarmen.com), then we find out that sick kid painting fundraisers are a good idea...for some.... a flock of birds who rain down an ocean of crap, the grear flood of aught 14 and Aqua Mans water hand. Seriously...a water hand.

P.s.-Kids, if you listen, we will make you submit a painting, put in on a copier paper package and then rip it up right in front of you!!!
P.S.S-Please check out The First Five Years season one!! It's co-written and acted in by Bearded One Evan!! www.jackandcarmen.com.
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Where we continue the media blitz leading up to the premiere of The First Five Years with head writer/producer/lead actress Phyllis Jackson!! We talk about the show (co-written and acted in by bearded one Evan), then we get into office small talk, theatre horror stories, dream roles, Full House, the terror that is meeting Lil Bub and the horror that is..... HORSES IN GENERAL!!!! Plus so much more.

P.s.-Kids, if you listen, a horse will eat you.
P.S.S-Please check out The First Five Years!!! www.jackandcarmen.com
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Where we recap Complete Works (abridged) and realize during the course that Bearded One Evan might be the most profitable actor in town ! Then we dig on creepy stories of creepy men in creepy bars which segues into a new motivation for the former killing machine, marvel cards, drones and so much more!!!

P.s.-kids, if you listen, we will so drone you.
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Where we recount the awesomeness of Monster-con!!!! Then we invent an award show just for people who dress up as monsters in movies (Enough Andy, enough!!!), find out the David Prowse never quite gave up on being the voice of Vadar, hear a trailer for the worst action movie ever, go over the creepiness that is BABY TALK, and then get an inside look into a Robin Thicke recording session. Get over it man, it's time.

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, Robin Thicke will come to your house and give you the most depsressing singing telegram ever.
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Where we return to the two dude format and get into it strong with tales of Dickish waiters doin too many hack dickish insults, a roast, a window into a princesses world, real life debbie downers, The Creepy shower head guy (and a shout out to Love in the Morning-sup Bill and Derbra!), two on the most awful movies ever made, one of them you haven't heard of...one of the is Troll 2, back to our gutterall reviews, then we close with a frank discussion of how some song lyrics sound fine until you turn the music off.

Plus a special bonus clip after the end music that should have you as excited as every Marvel Movie credit teaser..so keep listenin!!!
P.S.-Kids, if you listen, we'll have you working on a chain... Gayiang.
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Where we dig in deep with improviser/comedian Ben Burris on his improv and stand up comedy history, which we constantly interrupt with stories about movie spoiling robots, hermit crab directors, Tennesee Williams and his "What the f*ck" inspirations, Alaska, Insomnia, Inception,  and among so many other things we finish with what can either be considered the horror to end all horrors or the greatest prank ever played...ever... Penn and Tellers Desert Bus video game. Yeah....it's real.

P.S.-Kids, we'll make you to a single person 5 minute scene to an unreceptive audience if you listen. Not for young uns!
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