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Where we start off with a rocking fan-girl entry (thanks guys!), then we get into Jason's trip to The Charleston Comedy Festival w/Alchemy Tour Co. After that, we discover what everyone else already knew....Kirk is a total Pimp, we also realize if you want to kidnap someone for ransom.... best to move on from a certain bearded one..... then we get into the worst ninja to share a bus ride with ("I could'a cut your ears off!") and hear from Donald Trump supporter Gary Busey! Who makes a surprisingly effective case... for medication.

Then we close with an interview with Indie Horror Director James Cullen Bressack!
Who chats with us about his upcoming projects and love for horror in general.
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P.S.-Kids, if you listen, nun-chucks.

Visit current "Batgirl" illustrator Babs Tarr HERE!

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Where we start with a reminder about our ongoing Bearded Ones Fan-Girl Contest!!!

Email your submissions for the fan-girl rants to: beardedonespodcast@gmail.com

Then we get into Kitchen Science AND the science of deadbeat dads, Cinnamon and her honest powerball shamelessness, Star Trek and Riker saving the day...(ahem) ratings. Plus the worst line of dialogue in a great episode, and we go over the original Star Trek pilot,

THEN we get into less, well, good things and talk "Santa's Little Helper" and the baddest split personality wrestling team ever, then Evan professes.....something.....for Rose Mciver, and we finish off with what every good citizen needs to do when meeting a new species and being the representation of man meeting alien...beat the sh*t out of it with sticks. 

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Here's the alien article:
Don't forget to email us your audio/video for your Fan-Girl freakout to The Bearded Ones Hypothetical split to beardedonespodcast@gmail.com
P.S.-Kids, if you listen, we will tell a redneck that you're an alien. Sticks to the head kids, sticks to the head.

We start with a shout out to sister podcast The Lucky Ten Thousand and Jason's recent awesome appearance on it. Then we get into the Clemson National Championship game (The Natty!).

We talk Star Trek: TNG and the time Worf was an unrepentant crab-man killer, then Jason reads stories he wrote back in the day that give us a window into his infant mind. The we move on to Savage Grandmas who just gotta be bitches.

Plus we have a Bearded Ones contest:
Send us audio or video of you fan-girl-ing it up at the hypothetical Bearded Ones split!
Email your submissions to: beardedonespodcast@gmail.com

And we close with a sneak peak into another "Gary Busey Recording Session"!!!! ["The Gettysburg Address" (2016) Edition]
Bitch Grandmas post here:
Evans Audio Books here:
P.S.-Kids, if you listen, well, Gary Busey has a truth sandwich for you.

Where we start with talk of CLEMSON TIGER PRIDE (mostly), then we get into talkers at the movies, how people love learning spoilers for movies that haven't even officially started filming.

This leads into regrettable Facebook posts, figuring out which friend is a "friend" or a hopeful "friend....with benefits". THEN we get into a young Jason Underwood and his young stanzas; Jason reads his book of poems from 1993, entitled "Poem Book".
And we debut a new musical game!!!!!
P.S.-Kids, if you listen.....Haiko.... that's all we need to say. 

Where we start with Jason putting his foot in his mouth.... about puke...then we talk about man we saw at in line with us at the movie theater to see "The Force Awakens", and his begrudging promise to his kids. We question if Han Solo was kind of a pussy, and decide that maybe it's time to stop crapping on George Lucas, then we continue crap on George Lucas.

What follows is pure genius (If by genius you mean awful), Jason's short stories from 1993!! They're one paragraph long and complete drivel. Then Evan talks about getting his first HydroMassage... and we make it sex..ily creepy by imagining that someone out there might like them a little TOO much.
PLUS a bonus interview with film-maker Bruce Nachsin, writer/actor of his own super villain parody short "Dark Spectre".
Check out "Dark Spectre" here:
and as always Evans audio books here:

Where we talk (SPOILER FREE) about "The Force Awakens" and we get into our own personal "well of souls" (a'la "Raiders Of The Lost Ark") Plus shout outs to Wikishuffle and Horror Honeys podcasts.

Then we get into how The Dark Side really should have tempted Anakin more easily, Star Wars racism is confirmed, the added bits from a Star Wars novelization, Jason's bad day/creepy cave and then we close out with a new bracket, since Jedi guide young padawan to their full potential then it makes sense to ask the question, "Which Star Wars Character Would Make The Best High School Guidance Counselor?"
Check out Evans Audio books here:
Wikishuffle here:
Horror Honeys here:

Palpy talks about his plans for the holidays!


Where we prepare for THE FORCE AWAKENS by crapping on the prequels......again......then Jason forces us to talk about some positives about the prequels. Evan forces us to figure out some new Darth Names. THEN we talk about the horror.....the horror....the horror...of the horrible GINGERDEAD MAN movie. And get a sneak peek into the recording booth with its star Gary Busey (aka the Gingerdead Man) and his nipple rat..... it'll make sense when you hear it.

P.S.-Kids if you listen, Gary Busey will read you a bed time story.
Do yourself a favor and Netflix Gingerdead Man yourself. 

Where we start with another self promotion from Evan for his latest audio book on audible, links to both below (Buy them! Cmon people, it's Christmas!!! He'd buy your audio book). Then we get into the pointlessness of Black Friday, Evans latest ill fated flirt attempt, inappropriate public fatherly displays of silliness, Bunny ears in photos and how they should be condemned and punished, Jason is approached at Waffle House about a new business endeavor, a Goodwill without any "good" or "will". And we close with the news about the Bearded Villians being mistaken for ISIS and a quick Krampus movie review!

P.S.-Kids if you listen, we're taking those knuckles.
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Bearded One's extra!!! Excerpts from Palpatines Audio Diary!!!


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