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Where we start with shout outs to our networks and new friends Zombie Death Stench and scream queen herself DEE WALLACE!! Then with Taylor Owen Dorestt and his brother Jonas, we dig on stand up, improv, wrestling, how taylors friends moms think he fine, miss-mis-missonist..... Missionary trips, then his brother Jonas gets in one the action and tells whats seriously the most effed up story ever told on the show..... and we deal with the culture clash horror by making as many bad puns as we can... it's the only way our fragile minds could handle it.

P.S.-Kids.... don't listen or we have a restaurant we want to take you to.
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Where we get off to a good start with Rudys other options, Samuel L Jackson improvising on set, House of the Devil and slingblade and the devils torrid affair, Jasons therapy session, Louie Anderson cannon-balling on TV, ZOMBIE MOOSE.... the loneliest author ever, the loneliest craft lady ever, and we close with Evans theatre horror story.

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, Jacob Marley will pantomime at you....
P.S.S-Way to go North Coast Improv!!!!  http://www.timeout.com/newyork/comedy/the-10-best-comedy-shows-of-2014 # 9 son!!!!
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We're back!!!! After the triumphant 100th episode we return with stories of how some people (namely Jason) just cant nail that first impression...and he'll also bleed all over your party...then the Underwood-palooza marches on when we get into a franks discussion on how pregnant women can be real dicks sometimes, and how Evan can be a real dick back. That then segues into a duo of awkward stories featuring Evan pretending to sleep and people really doin it near him. After that we discuss the soulkilling aspects of certain jobs, our real horrible jobs, ASMR and a new terrorist ASMR show, then we two single guys lament the fact that Charlie Mansons doing better than either of us.

P.S.-Kids, you can start not listening again.
P.S.S-shout out to Clint Theile @vengefuljedi for the kind shout outs!!!
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Here it is!! Episode 100!! The biggest Bearded Ones EVER!!! With so many awesome guests, new and old, packed into a single episode we had to stretch our average episode length but it was worth it!

The show is divided into four segments:

Segment 1: (0:03:29 - 0:29:40) With: Harrison Brookie, Jill Bernard and Boris Khaykin!
Segment 2: (0:30:13 - 1:19:00) With: Trevor Furlong, Wofford Jones, Shane Willimon and Todd Janssen!
Segment 3: (1:20:00 - 2:19:00) With: Debra Capps, Lauren Wilson and Darryl & Juanita Peake!
Follow Juanita here: https://twitter.com/jusjuanita
Segment 4: (2:20:00 - 3:04:00) With: Meg Pierson, Justin Blackburn and Jason Farr!
Follow Justin here: https://twitter.com/loves_pal1
P.S.-Kids...you can listen to this one, it's our 100th for crying out loud!!
P.P.S- We have loved every single guest we've ever had and would have had them all back if we could.Thank you to every one for listening, supporting, sharing, coming on the live show and here's to another 100!!!!!!
P.P.P.S- Sorry to Boris for the name confusion, its North Coast Hip Hop Improv, not North East. Yeah, im dumb. Check them out here! http://www.northcoastnyc.com/wp/
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Where even though Halloween is over we dig into some horror, because Candyman himself Tony Todd is now a twitter follower!!! So one of us has to explain the Candyman to the other one (cuz he a pussy and skeered) then we surmise what it must be like to just try to live your life and constantly get called into peoples bathrooms... THEN we talk about the New South Comedy Festival (which will be part of our 100th episode next week!!!) THEN we keep it going with tales of how every town a serial killer uses as their backdrop can't be a nice, violence free town and then figure out what it would be like to be a stickler on your victim profile... THEN we wonder what it would be like to only be known as a dude who sits in a bar...may he sit in a bar in peace.

P.S.-Kids...you're too young, don't listen... We know the Candyman now...
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Where we ring out Halloween-Month in style with creepy tales of Jason's knee problems, ice skater sex, rubber masks (eewww), then a TRUE zombie story and how even zombies gotta class it up every once and awhile... THEN we get into Halloween costumes, a confused Al Pacino, THEN we learn about Boo-Hag and how if you want a clean divorce from one,  how you can't cheat on them with their own skin, crappy Stephen King endings, one of the best scare pranks ever, how you should never piss off a cry baby bridge mom, monkeys will eat your corn (AAAHHHHHH)! Then we discuss Iguana man, and serial killers... not one in the same....we think.....

P.S.-Not for kids... or The Boo Hag will make you a little tired and be a nagging wife.
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Where we sit down with honest to god brit and former employee of Scotland Yard Homicide Trevor Furlong and talk about.... Dialects!!! Dick Van Dyke!! Jokes!!! And yes eventually we do talk about homicides, true crime stories, Jack The Ripper, Zodiac killer  and so much more!!

P.S. - Kids... This is the Zodiac speaking.... don't listen.
P.P.S - Happy Halloween!!!
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Jason talks with Caroline Davis on location in Lubbock, TX. Jason opens with Halloween memories. Then they talk about adjusting to grad school. What it means when you want to save certain insects over others. Jason learns that he is, once again, mispronouncing another word. And they close with Jason and Caroline's favorite game.

Learn more about Caroline here: http://www.carolinejanedavis.com/

Follow us: https://twitter.com/beardedonespod

Email us: beardedonespodcast@gmail.com

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Where with guest stand up comic Justin Blackburn, we explore Halloween Carols, effing with audiences, The best times to gamble, how being PC sometimes misses the point, his ghost story, hecklers, Rory Scovel, Poetry slammin, Rick Ross and his totally gangtsa stretch marks..

Pls visit justins twitter..Justin Blackburn@lovespal1 AND his website justinblackburnlovesyou.com
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Hoakes Corner via youtube
Podcast shout-outs Matt and mattinglys Ice cream social (@heyscoops) and Podd Socks (@Poddsocks)
ALSO First Five years (www.jackandcarmen.com)
P.S.-Kids, if you listen, Justin will convince you to never marry.
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Where we ring in the month of October 2014 with Texas Chainsaw 40th Anniv chat, then we get deep into ZOMBIES...at church!!! Then, we visit texas with Caroline Davis and check out whos been bad...Carls been bad, but Jimmys been badder..... THEN we head on up to Roswell and see no aliens, we think.... they may all have spock ears for reals, then we dip into the horror that is POOCHINSKI.... and watch Jimmy Dean beg like a dog...who loves Sausages and soap... then we get back into the horror talk with whether or not backstories take away the fear and close with Kreuger/Poochinski.... cops, buddies, trouble!!!!

Shout outs:Dark Angels, Pretty Freaks Podcast https://twitter.com/wiretechgirl

The Horror Honeys https://twitter.com/HorrorHoneys

And music by Valentine Wolf!!! http://valentinewolfe.com/

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Pls remember the date for The First Five Years Screening for Cancer October 16th 8PM Coffee Underground!!!

P.S.-Kids if you listen...I'll come to your church.... 
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