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Where we start with a shout-out and a bearded gauntlet thrown (Not serious) to The Salty Language Podcast, then we discuss a shamefully never produced 80's drama "Manther!". We get into the merits of The Cougar and lazy ass big cats, which leads into The Return of the Boob.... Then we talk about what Anonymous is REALLY like and the moment when Batman finally, truly snaps. After that we discover that, for a football coach, being laid back is a detriment....and weird. Evan shows a video of a lioness who just needed a ride and we close with a new bracket! Where we ask the question, "Which Comic Strip Character Would Make the Best Therapist?" Plus so much more!!! 

P.S. - Kids, if you listen, Cathy will AACK! you to death. 
 Check out Salty Language here: http://www.saltylanguage.com/ 
Check out the video of the Lioness here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeaztQK9If0
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Where we return to the two-dudes format and begin by thanking our awesome guests over the past 3 shows and give Jason a lil crap for his Wu-Tang drop. THEN we go over our Halloweens, which leads to discoveries of new, practical cenobites. Evan also talks about watching "Funny Games" and "Z Nation" for the holidays. We then get to some stuff we missed whilst celebrating the terror, including Back to the Future Day! Which leads to the question, "What other future movies are coming due?" We talk, flying car driving tests, "Stealth", "Barb Wire" and what it's really about and what our future names would be, plus so much more!

P.S. - Kids, if you listen, I'm a Gonna Hurt ye.
Shout out to Great Upstate which Evan will be on on November 19!! Here's their site
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Where we get to chat via Skype with the lead actress from the awesome 2014 horror movie Starry Eyes, Alexandra Essoe!!! We talk about her early life in Saudi Arabia, her experience coming to Canada, get deep with peoples ideas about the Middle East and the Muslim faith, then we delve into her start in theatre and where her love of horror came from and then spend the rest of the episode talking about Starry Eyes (Ps - plenty of warnings leading up to discussion of the film, but here's another, MAJOR SPOILERS, so don't bitch, you've been told like a hundred times), but listen to the first part if you don't want to know about the movie, cuz it's all about her and she rocks!!!

P.S.-kids.. You'd better listen.... she rocks.
Alexandras twitter
Watch the youtube trailer here!!!
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This week we are thrilled to interview paranormal investigators, Cat and Mariel, from Ghost PRO. An organization based in Upstate South Carolina. We talk about the thing's that they saw and heard while growing up and how, through research and study, they were able to better understand what those things were.

Cat and Mariel were also kind enough to share some of the experiences they've had on different cases. And of all the things you assume a ghost would say, I wasn't expecting what they told me.
I also ask them about the "Ghost Reality Show" trend and are any of them doing it right, if so which ones?

Learn more about Ghost PRO HERE!
Contact Ghost PRO HERE!

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Welcome to WEEK 4 of our epic October celebration with special guest Comedian/Nerd Quiz Contestant/Rocky Horror shadow-caster and Lego enthusiast Craig Holcombe! 

We discusses his unique style of stand-up, his time at the DashCon fiasco, and his unhealthy (we mean passionate) obsession with Lego's.

Then we debate that universal burning question, "Zombies: Sex-yay or Nay?" After that Jason and Evan treat the perennial contestant of "Nerd Quiz Live" with a two-part HORROR QUIZ of our own!
Part 1 "Finish The Quote"
Part 2 "Celebrities Who Started in Horror!"

And we close with another bracket challenge, this time we ask the question, "Which Evil Clown from pop culture would make the best Patch Adams?"

Listen to past episodes of Nerd Quiz Live HERE!

Keep up to date with Nerd Quiz Live on facebook HERE!

Follow Craig on Twitter HERE!

P.S. - Kids, if you listen, just make sure to watch for white vans and cigarette smoke the next time you visit your favorite toy store...don't say you weren't warned.
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We continue the awesomeness that is celebrating the season of evil with an evil toy that answers evil questions (well, yes or no questions that its programming understands and is related to animals....ooohhhhh) Then we get into a Cracked article about the most unintentionally disturbing children's toys. (Big Loo!!)

Jason presents Evan with his unintentionally disturbing (in its difficulty and choices..."Hocus Pocus" my ass!!!.....) horror movie quiz called, "Horror or Amore". Evan has to decide of the clip is from a horror or a romantic film. 
Then Evan presents Jason with an unintentionally disturbingly incorrectly plotted Bracket where we ask the question, "Which Modern or Classic horror icon would make the best interior decorator?" 
P.S.- kids do you wanna think about a not quite British, cat, tiger, dragon thing in your room at night?? Then don't listen.
Cracked Article about Unintentionally Disturbing Toys Link:
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We continue our month of creeps and crawls with more of Evans short movie reviews, then Jason leads us in another round of the new quiz game that's sweeping the nation, "I Play a Clip From a Horror Movie and You Tell Me What Horror Movie That Clip is From!!" (See if I stump Evan) Then Jason tells of some real creepy goings-on... well, sort of.... Ok, we don't actually know.... Then Evan shares a video about....ROOMS.....scary.... then we get into another edition of Evans Amazon Reviews, plus so much more!!!

P.S.-kids....the calls are coming from inside the house!
Hidden Rooms Video (courtesy of Mr Nightmare!!!)
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Where we initiate the horror season with an unsolicited Burger King Black Burger review (not racist, it's literally black) and then some short movie reviews. That segues into Jason's new BRAND NEW horror movie clip game called, "I Will Play A Clip From A Horror Movie, And You Guess Which Horror Movie The Clip I Play Is From" (play along!!!) Evan and Jason then create a new musical based on a beloved horror classic (did we say beloved...we meant god-awful) and we close with the horror that is Jason's Live Journal! A post from October 31st, 2005!

P.S. - Happy Halloween you little f*ckers.
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We bring another BEST OF EPISODE! This one kicks off our month long celebration of Halloween and Horror! 

(Ep: 62) Ghost Story: Jason Bryant
(Ep: 65) Ghost Story: Shane Willimon
(Ep: 66) Proof That Ghosts Are Real
(Ep: 83) Shaboom-Shaboom!
(Ep: 89) Dracula Would Make A Terrible Bank Robber
(Ep: 94) The Walking Muppet Babies
(Ep: 97) True Crime Story: Trevor Furlong
(Ep: 98) The Night Evan Was A Zombie
(Ep: 99) Jason Sucks At Horror Movies
(Ep: 101) Manson Is Doing Better Than Us
(Ep: 104) The Devil Is A Shitty Boss
(Ep: 107) The Family Circus Had Ghost Kids
(Ep: 119) Psychic Dream: Carolyn Lee Adams
(Ep: 83) "Silhouettes" by: The Rays (Metal Cover Version)


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Where we recap Evans directorial debut, which somehow segues into foul-mouthed children. Then we get into dirt cookies, Evans new excuse for everything, Evans Amazon Movie Reviews and a list of don'ts for men in their 30's of which Jason and Evan prove they are just a couple of big don'ts.

Ps. kids-if you listen, our news reporters will mock your struggle.
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