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Where our guest is none other than Mr Upstate Shakespeare Festival himself, John Fagan! We talk the festival, festival horror stories, critics and snarky reviews, that subject gets us into a munt/wanker discussion, which then leads to stories about how the festivals stage attracts thespians.... and thespians that wanna make out on the stage... then we get into his family history and cannon collectin, clubbin, bubblin, a very sincere piece of advice about coming out, how bearded one Evan decided to utilize the first time he met John, SETC stories and we close with deciding which songs make the best monologues....and find none.

Heres a link to USF- http://www.warehousetheatre.com/season/upstate-shakespeare-festival/
P.S.-Kids, if you listen, we'll forget to place your dagger.
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Where we start with New Years Eve recaps, then move into Mark Hamill and his stirring production of the sequel to "The Elephant man", "The Horse Guy". Which leads us into a brief story about something you NEVER want to hear a parent tell you.

After that, Jason talks us about Umbrellas and how they're not just to protect you from the rain, they're also killing machines that are more effective than the terminator. 
Evan asks Jason where he would go if the whole world were after him and the answer makes him rethink their friendship, then Jason proposes some really, really, really awful movie ideas, we watch a promo for "Japanese Spider-man" and close with a discussion of Swaggy P and his Swaggy Priorities ( c'mon man, they're just shoes).
P.S. - Kids, if you listen... Jason will pitch you movie ideas.
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This week we open our secret Santa gift from The Graphic Novice Podcast. Thanks so much guys!


We then have way to much fun with the Bane voice. After that we realize that "The Family Circus" comic strip is full of Ghost Kids! Which leads into a discussion about Charlie Hebdo and why people can't take a joke.

We play a compilation of all the roast jokes about Bearded One Jason Underwood from The Alchemy Comedy Roast of Taylor Dorsett. https://twitter.com/taylor_ocd

Evan remembers an amazing dating story involving odd anime movie scenes and his dates parents.

And we close out with a series of scenes involving a very small Al Pacino, and a very giving Vin Diesel. 

Kids: Don't listen or "Not Me" is going to get you. 

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Happy New Year Beard Fans!

In this episode we tell Christmas Stories involving animals, real and otherwise. Then we discuss the changes that occur after a dog is neutered, as well as the things he hears you do in your bedroom. We once again discover that we've gotten all excited about another fake report and discuss another one that could be just as fake, involving human/ape genetic manipulation. We get deep and nerdy about "King Krypton the Super Gorilla". And close out with a peek into the exciting life of 13 year old Jason with readings from his mandatory Language Arts Journal.

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Kids, don't listen or Santa will forget about your pets.

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Where we start out with some shout outs!!! Shoutin you out Emma Haney and Nikki Lane!!! Then we carry on the excitement with deep discussions of high school note passing, a Taylor Dorsett Roast recap, our own sitcoms that leads into the best sitcom idea ever (... 30 mins later)!! Then we celebrate the genius of Robin Williams and Billy Crystal by realizing two genius do not make a good movie, elephant attacks, Terrifying Russian sleep experiment and how like the bonobo, you can defuse any situation...sexily.

P.S.- Check out Emma Haney @Emmamhaney on twitter
and Niki Lane www.nikkilane.com
P.P.S-Kids, if you listen, strong, dumb monkeys will raid your house and bump into your walls.
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The Audio on this one is a little rough in places, not our normal quality but SOMEBODY didnt realize they were talking too close to the microphone, A-hole.


Where you the listener get a tour of what its like to be backstage before a show!! Featuring cast interviews, in show action and even a proposal!!!

P.s.-Kids, its an extra, we really don't care either way this time
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Where we start off shouting out our networks and THEN our new friends Kevin Bartini and Ariel Kashanchi, then we get into toilet humor(or horror), a piercing gone horribly wrong (or SO SO right), the art of the roast, Don Rickles and how not everyone that considers themselves a "roaster" should be doing it and is probably racist, Mel Gibsons one man show and Karl Marxes short stint in the Marx Brothers and then we talk about the Omen and it's "curse" and how the devil isn't as threatening as you think and is a boss on the level of David Brent.

Please check out Kevin Bartinis' album "Unintentionally White" when it comes out January 13th, visit www.KevinBartini.com
Check out Ariel Kashanchi and her webseries Don't Be a Whore on youtube and her website www.arielkashanchi.com
P..-Kids, if you listen, The devil will really need those reports on his desk by noon and then forget he asked you.... beware!!!
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Where we start with shout outs to our networks and new friends Zombie Death Stench and scream queen herself DEE WALLACE!! Then with Taylor Owen Dorestt and his brother Jonas, we dig on stand up, improv, wrestling, how taylors friends moms think he fine, miss-mis-missonist..... Missionary trips, then his brother Jonas gets in one the action and tells whats seriously the most effed up story ever told on the show..... and we deal with the culture clash horror by making as many bad puns as we can... it's the only way our fragile minds could handle it.

Follow Taylor here: https://twitter.com/taylor_ocd
P.S.-Kids.... don't listen or we have a restaurant we want to take you to.
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Where we get off to a good start with Rudys other options, Samuel L Jackson improvising on set, "House of the Devil" and "Slingblade" and the devils torrid affair, Jasons therapy session, Louie Anderson cannon-balling on TV, ZOMBIE MOOSE.... the loneliest author ever, the loneliest craft lady ever, and we close with Evans theatre horror story.

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, Jacob Marley will pantomime at you....
P.S.S-Way to go North Coast Improv!!!!  http://www.timeout.com/newyork/comedy/the-10-best-comedy-shows-of-2014 # 9 son!!!!
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We're back!!!! After the triumphant 100th episode we return with stories of how some people (namely Jason) just can't nail that first impression...and he'll also bleed all over your party...then the Underwood-palooza marches on when we get into a frank discussion on how pregnant women can be real dicks sometimes, and how Evan can be a real dick back. That then segues into a duo of awkward stories featuring Evan pretending to sleep and people really doing it near him. After that we discuss the soulkilling aspects of certain jobs, ASMR and a new terrorist ASMR show, then we two single guys lament the fact that Charlie Manson is doing better than either of us.

P.S.-Kids, you can start not listening again.
P.S.S-shout out to Clint Theile @vengefuljedi for the kind shout outs!!!
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