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Jason brings a "real" clip from his audiobook "Knives of the World" he talked about last week. (Also read Evan's article all about him being an audiobook narrator.) Evan shares an amazing song called "My Gemini" by Driving Sirens. Listen to them on YouTube HERE!! Driving Sirens - My Gemini (Official Video) - YouTube

Evan has another "guys saying stupid stuff to girls" messages. And this guy really needs to learn how to spell. We talk about a local hub-bub about some near-nude statues in Greenville, S.C. We talk about all the things preppers COULD'VE filled up during the gas "shortage".  & Jason brings a bracket inspired by the vaccines. We ask, "Which Vaccine-Like Power Serum Upgrade would you choose?"

00:30 - Intros. & Evan's in the paper!! Audiobook narrator Evan Harris brings pages to life from the comfort of his apartment - GREENVILLE JOURNAL

01:10 - Jason plays a "real" clip from his audiobook, "Knives of the World".

11:45 - Evan brings a friends song, "My Gemini" by Driving Sirens. 

17:45 - Evan brings another awkward message a friend got from a guy.

30:10 - We get local and talk about folks trying to "cancel" our new statues.

42:50 - We talk about the silliness of this gas "shortage" on the east coast.

53:10 - "Power Serum Upgrade Bracket!" With help from Andrew Van & "One Star Reviews".

Listen to Jason's Episodes of "One Star Reviews" HERE!!



This week Jason can't think of a joke. Evan shares what he found funny about 1981's "Dragonslayer", Evan brings the best dating app profile picture he found, & a video of Inside Edition busting a psychic detective. & we close with round 3 of Weapons Swap Game!!

00:30 - Intros and Evan's Audiobook Narrator Interview.

01:55 - Jason can't think of a damn joke for his audiobook.

07:00 - Evan brings up what he found funny about "Dragonslayer" (1981).

24:00 - Evan found the funniest dating profile picture. It involves a steak knife.

30:30 - Evan brings a video busting a psychic detective. It is amazing. Watch it HERE!!

INSIDE EDITION: Psychic Detectives - YouTube

49:00 - Jason brings another round of "WEAPONS SWAP!" (EX: Wolverine's Claws & Ghostbusters Proton Packs)


HAPPY "STAR WARS" DAY!! This episode we wanted to celebrate Star Wars, but first Evan saw a fellow actor friend in "Falcon & The Winter Solder"! Then in honor of the NFL Draft we have OUR draft where we recast "Seinfeld", "Alien", "The Muppets", & "Friends" with Star Wars characters that we think would make sense. And we close with another round of "Google Movie Translate Game" this time with Star Wars quotes. Also Jason guested on Andrew Van's podcast "1 Star Reviews" 

00:30 - Intros

01:30 - Evan saw that his actor friend Brad Brinkley (FBI Agent on Falcon & Winter Soldier) "met" Captain America and Evan fan-girled the EFF out!! Evan and Brad worked on Evan's Web TV Show, "The First Five Years" Watch it HERE on vimeo. 

The First Five Years (vimeo.com)

10:30 - We Star Wars Draft - The "Seinfeld" Cast!!

30:50 - We Star Wars Draft - The "Alien" Cast!!

45:45 - We Star Wars Draft - The "Muppets Show" Cast!! With Special Guest: Bryan Buckley!!

52:15 - We Star Wars Draft - The "Friends" Cast!!

1:02:45 - Evan brings another round of "The Google Movie Translate Game" Jason has to guess the gibberish translated quotes!!


Listen to Jason on "One Star Reviews: with Andrew Van" HERE!!


Watch more Brad Brinkley on "The First Five Years" HERE!!

The First Five Years (vimeo.com)

We talk SC Comic Con, Evan brings another weird thing guys say to girls for us to mock. We talk about Hulu's new "SASQUATCH" documentary and only focus on the bigfoot hunters instead of the murders. Jason found an amazing bigfoot sighting video from Michigan. and we close with making up Fatality moves to use on pop culture bullies. 


00:30 - Intros & Plugs (Check out our friends podcast "Segments" with Manus Clancy & Lindsay Heyman!)

01:35 - Evan & Jason share their time at SC Comic Con!  

11:40 - Evan shares another weird thing guys say to girls he found from a friend.

17:00 - We chat about Hulu's new doc "SASQUATCH", we love the bigfoot hunters more than the murder mystery.

27:10 - Jason brings an AMAZING bigfoot sighting video from Michigan. His proof...bigfoot loves pizza. 

52:00 - Jason brings a game in honor of "MORTAL KOMBAT" we make up new fatality moves specifically for pop culture bullies. (Marty McFly taking out Biff, etc)


Watch "Michigan Bigfoot" video HERE!!

Midland County man asks for police help after Bigfoot sightings - YouTube

Listen to "SEGMENTS Podcast" HERE!!

‎Segments on Apple Podcasts

Listen to Nate on "The Blue Ridge Adventurers Guild" HERE!!

The Blue Ridge Adventurer’s Guild (podbean.com)

Listen to Nate & Joe on past episode 348! HERE!!


Evan is back on board with "Falcon & The Winter Soldier". Jason has an uncomfortable dream about the "White Dora Milaje". What if it too Bucky a long time to put his arm back on. Evan & Jason mock a jerk who texted one of his female friends. Jason recaps his D&D experience with "Blue Ridge Adventurer's Guild" & we close with a game where we swap the EVIL PLAN of (2) bad guys, and have fun figuring out what those (2) movies would be.


00:30 - Intros & Plugs - Vote for Evan for (Best Supporting Role) in the S.C. Update Theater Awards!

2021 Upstate Theatre Awards Ballot (google.com)

03:15 - We talk Episode 4 of "Falcon & Winter Soldier", Evan is BACK ON BOARD, and Jason had an uncomfortable dream about the "White Dora Milaje"

11:00 - Bucky has to fix his arm at home while Falcon fights alone. 

16:30 - Evan reads a crappy hypocritical text message thread to one of his female friends. 

22:45 - Jason recaps his Dungeons & Dragons podcast stint with The Blue Ridge Adventurers Guild" as Belladar & his 500 Dogs! So he recaps the campaign by going over his Top-10 uses for having 500 dogs.

43:40 - "EVIL PLAN SWAP!" We take 2 villains swap their motivation/evil plan, and what would those 2 movies be?

(EX: Xenomorph Alien with Judge Doom)


Listen to Blue Ridge Adventurers Guild HERE!

The Blue Ridge Adventurer’s Guild (podbean.com)


Evan thinks that "Glasses Guy" from "Bly Manor" is actually just a peeping pervert. The "Storyteller" from "Bly Manor" could tell a single story as you CIRCLE THE ENTIRE GLOBE. The Super Friends learn about THE NIGHT STALKER, and they kill more people than him. And we come up with more options that the Newspapers came up with as possible names for The Night Stalker.

Jason guested on a D&D podcast, "The Blue Ridge Adventurers Guild" so he askes Evan to help him come up with his character. And Evan thinks "FALCON & THE WINTER SOLDIER" has jumped the shark.

00:30 - Intro's and Plugs. Please follow this link to VOTE FOR EVAN FOR (SUPPORTING ROLE)

2021 Upstate Theatre Awards Ballot (google.com)

02:30 - Glasses Guy is a peeping perv.

06:45 - We mock the "Storyteller" some more, with other places she can tell her long stories.

10:05 - Night Stalker meets the Super Friends!! They are horrified and end up killing people on accident.

17:30 - We come up with other names for "The Night Stalker" the newspaper could have tried.

25:15 - Jason comes up with a D&D character!!

44:15 - Evan thinks "Falcon and Winter Soldier" has jumped the shark. We get into it.


(Wolves Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay )

(Druid Image by Valgerd Kossmann from Pixabay )

(Shark Image by Reaper DZ from Pixabay )

Listen to "Blue Ridge Adventurers Guild Podcast" HERE!!

The Blue Ridge Adventurer’s Guild (podbean.com)

Evan watches "Haunting of Hill House' two and a half years late. We loved it, but still make fun of it. Evan also started "Bly Manor" and realizes this is the LONGEST wedding reception story ever! PLUS we play "MOVIE WEAPONS SWAP GAME" 

00:30 - Intros

01:05 - Our last thoughts on "Snyder Cut" from last week.

04:30 - We talk about "The Haunting of Hill House". Evan loved "Bent Neck Lady" but he never noticed "The Big Gut Guy".

24:45 - Jason brings back the sound clip board!!

32:30 - Evan wonders if the ghosts can leave house, why not just live normal lives AS ghosts?

39:30 - Greg Sestero from "The Room" is in BLY MANOR!!

45:45 - Carla Gugino's "ghost story" during a wedding reception last 9 hours??!!

56:00 - We play "MOVIE WEAPONS SWAP GAME!!" (Ex: Cap's Shield/Freddy's Glove. Green Lantern Ring/Jason's Machete. Ash's Chainsaw Hand/Spidey's Web Shooters.)


Watch "Movie Weapons Swap ROUND ONE" HERE!!



We chat all things Zack Snyder's Justice League! The good, the bad, the fact that Wonder Woman is bashing dudes brains out in front of middle schoolers. We break it all down. Then Jason brings a new game inspired by the 1st episode of "The Falcon & the Winter Soldier" (as well as the MCU as a whole) called "Military Versions of the MCU" The US military made Abomination, they made White Vision & U.S.Agent, what other military versions of MCU characters would the US military make?

00:30 - Intros

01:05 - "Justice League" review start! Fair warning, Evan likes a lot of Zack Snyder's work, but he has a few bones to pick with this one.

1:04:36 - Jason's NEW GAME. "Military Versions of the MCU!" (We have fun with, Winter Soldier, Black Panther, Thor, & Rocket.)


P.S. What the hell WAS Ross's monkey called?


Evan opens with a gripe about "Batwoman" and why they are complicating the villain Alice? How many backstories will she get? Also Evan talks about how an episode of "The Twilight Zone" would be REALLY WEIRD in real life. We realize this episode is going quite poorly. Take a break and talk about how we've now done one year of Skype shows. And we close with a BRACKET!!  We ask, "Which pop culture UNDERDOG would make the BEST SUPERVILLAIN?"

00:30 - Intros

01:08 - Batwoman talk.

17:00 - Twilight Zone in REAL LIFE talk.

29:30 - We realize we are doing poorly so far ha.

35:20 - Bearded Ones Bracket!! "Which Underdog would make the BEST SUPERVILLAIN?" (Neither expect either of them to win in the end.)


Listen to our "OLIVER 2" clip HERE!!

BEST OF THE BEARDED ONES - PART 7!!! (podbean.com)

Listen to Evan's audio book HERE!!

Presidential History the Cold War by Sam Krymalowski | Audiobook | Audible.com


This week Evan and Jason talk "Wandavision" finale. Evan is confused by all the creepy weird medicine commercials on Hulu during "30 Rock". And Jason brings another clip from last weeks Night Stalker Survivor interview, but Evan FINALLY realizes that it's fake. It's not about serial killer Richard Ramirez, but ....Bigfoot.

00:30 - Intros & Plugs. Jason guested on "False Start with Andrew Van" where we talked about "Wandavision" also! Listen to hit HERE!!


26:45 - Evan finds a creepy commercial during funny "30 Rock" all about stopping wound discharge. 

31:30 - Another commercial about Pure Leaf Tea that makes you say "NO" and it ruins this lady's life, and in turn America.

38:45 - Part 2 of "Surviving the Night Stalker" clip & Evan FINALLY realizes that it's all fake. It's actually about Bigfoot.


Listen to "False Start with Andrew Van" Wandavision Roundtable HERE!!

‎False Start with Andrew Van: 102: WandaVision Post Finale Thoughts on Apple Podcasts

Evan gets hired to be an extra/stand in on a TV shoot! And it helps if you bring the right size shirts. And Jason brings a clip of Sean Penn in jail with "The Night Stalker". & Jason tricks Evan! Jason doctored a clip about Bigfoot, and told Evan it was about serial killer Richard Ramirez. 

00:30 - Introductions

01:05 - Evan's short story about tasting fame for the 1st time. A picture in the newspaper.

04:20 - Evan's big story of being an extra on a TV shoot. And all the things that went wrong, as well as the cool parts.

51:45 - Jason brings a clip of Sean Penn & Richard Ramirez being pen pals for the day. 

59:00 - Jason tricks Evan. The interview isn't about surviving "The Night Stalker" it's about surviving BIGFOOT.


Watch "Sean Penn & Richard Ramirez" Video HERE!!

Shocking Details About The Night Stalker Richard Ramirez (Netflix left out!) - YouTube

Watch Episode 1 of "The First Five Years" HERE!!

The First Five Years - Season 1, Episode 1 - The Wedding on Vimeo

Email: BeardedOnesPodcast@gmail.com

Twitter: @BeardedOnesPod

This week Evan talks about how everything in "Master Chef" is a...(COMMERCIAL BREAK!! …"And We're Back!!")…fake out. Jason brings a game guessing about the plots for the new "FACE/OFF" sequel. (EX: Turner & Hooch starring in "HEAD/OFF".) Which leads to our new character "The Begrudging Critic". & Evan brings up a weird moment in "Black Lighting" between Black Lighting and a high school kid, talking about something he really shouldn't be talking about.

00:30 - Intros

01:10 - Evan has a bone to pick with...(COMMERCIAL BREAK!! …"And We're Back!!")…Master Chef.

20:45 - Jason tries to start his "FACE/OFF" game, but we discover "The Begrudging Critic".

30:30 - Jason finally starts his "FACE/OFF" game. (EX: Gary Busey & Andy Griffith in "FACE/OFF BUT SKIN SIDE IN"!!)

56:05 - Evan shares a funny moment where, Black Lightning asks his daughters boyfriend about how well he cleans his..."stuff". 



Jason brings clips he said he would make from the last 2 episodes. Evan gives his thoughts on Netflix's "Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel" documentary. Evan loves "Master Chef" except for one thing. And on the 1 year anniversary of his passing we play another "True/False Quiz" about the book plots of the great CLIVE CUSSLER!!

00:30 - Intros

01:25 - Clips Jason made clips based on previous 2 episodes. "Our Mush Mouth Debate" for ep: 401 & "Combine All the Sound Clips Challenge" for ep: 402. 

10:15 - Our talk on "Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel" Listen to the 1st time we reacted to the "Elevator Video" from the Cecil. HERE!! 

THE BEARDED ONES EP 243: ATTACK OF THE BEARD!!!!!!! (podbean.com)

Also listen to Evan and Carissa talk about it on "The Lucky 10,000 Podcast" HERE!!


39:30 - Evan vents about "Master Chef" 

52:55 - Clive Cussler Book Plot Quiz. Jason reads book plots and Evan has to guess if it's real or if Jason made it up.


We continue celebrating our 10-Year anniversary of the show with talk about the Super Bowl. We talk about the player that got his pinky amputated and maybe other players have done it too. And what did Tom Brady say to Honey Badger that he wouldn't share with us? Was it gross, was it just lame? Then we realize why Coach Andy Reid's facemask was all loose. Chili Dogs.

Then we talk "Wandavision" (thru episode 5 only) And what dumb character will be the one that makes the MCU slip?

And we've played so many amazing sound clips over the years, we put them into a bracket and decide our favorite!!

00:30 - Intros and Happy Birthdays

02:15 - Superbowl Talk. Players cutting things off, Gross and Lame Tom Brady insults, and Coach Andy Reid giving plays while mid Chili Dog.

23:45 - "Wandavision" talk. And what character will make the MCU slip? Paste Pot Pete?

54:40 - BRACKET! We ask "Which Past Sound Clip is our FAVORITE?"


So many clips to trash we split them into two episodes. Todd and Brian are back and we (they) had a ton of fun with more of our Bombs and Flubs from the last 100 episodes. Also this is the 10 year anniversary of "The Bearded Ones" so we went down memory lane a little bit, and talked about some of our...more memorable characters. 

00:30 - Intros and Plugs. Evan's new audiobook is out!! "The Book of Laz" by Chris Iachetta. Buy it HERE!!

The Book of Laz by Chris Iachetta | Audiobook | Audible.com

02:45 - We talk about how the podcast started and our lack of quality audio for a bit. If you want to start from the beginning, we recommend Episode 56 "The Return". Listen HERE!!


06:45 - Questions about show.

09:00 - We rank some of our filthy characters from most classy to least classy.

29:30 - Jason brings back Evan's stuttering clip and puts it into film situations. 

39:40 - We play more BOMBS & FLUBS.


Listen to Bombs & Flubs part 1 HERE!!



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