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Where we start with a short recap of Jasons Matlock Roast and Evan tries to out-roast the roasters! After that, we talk The Bachelorrette (Squee!), Evan helps a friend get some "Web Redemption" of sorts against a weird Tinder message she received, we hear Jason's.....sorry Ben Matlocks roast jokes, we revisit our friend Church Singer, and Jason introduces us to a gay man....or at least at some point in his life he was gay.... he must have been...his wing wang was calling....

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, your Grandfather with be Coach Dobbinmeyer.


Where we start with an update from last week...a really sh*tty update...get it? GET IT? THEN that brings us into another kind of sh*t..that of the singing variety, which leads to a man and his dormmate. THEN after that, we try some veggie bars... actually pretty sure it's regurgitated dog-food bars. After that, we hear a ringmaster who really has mastered something..namely the art of not breaking character...EVER. THEN we close witrh a bit of a tease, we do one segment of the Steven Segall game....but it's worth it!!

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, we will compact feces into bar form for your lunch.



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Where we start with the results from our Paul Giamatti poll.. THEN we talk SOLO... no spoilers, and take a quiz! THEN we talk Beauty and the Beast... if the Beauty in question was more...... ick.... then Beauty. After that, Evan talks about interrupting singing with his own music. THEN we close with another round of Would You F*ck It!!!!

P.S.- Kids, if you listen, Al Sharpton will tell you all about his good ole pals Fred and Barney.


With Evan out of pocket this week, Jason and good buddy Jason Farr ("There It Is" podcast) discuss his 64-Team COMEDY DUO BRACKET. We talk about how and why certain duos made it in or out. We breakdown the interesting 1st Round match ups and then we jump ahead to his Elite 8, Final Four, and Overall Winner!

Find the bracket HERE and fill it out. Let Jason know who YOU picked @ThereItIsPod on twitter.


After that (1:02 min mark) we talk "Solo: A Star Wars Story" predictions! Then we have fun sharing out thoughts on "The Last Jedi". 


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Where we start by recapping the prior evenings improv show, THEN Jason talks about how some "Christ-Like" groups interpret "Christ-like" as "Let's be a-holes and cover up other people's posters..just like Jesus would do!!" After that, a friend tries to lift Evans spirits by crushing his confidence (love you, Emily). We also discover Ben Franklin saved the union!!! THEN Evan gets abused voluntarily, Jason runs a 5K..Why he keeps doing this to himself,  we do not know.... after that, Evan takes a Snapsh*t, we revisit Junk Man and some commercials meant to circumvent certain laws... and we close with Evan wondering if what we all really need..is a good straw.


P.S.-Kids, if you listen, we will tell you you look like a very talented, and confirmed unsexy, person.


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Where we start with Jasons Rap... Jason brought his own "Everyday Bro"-Style rap and kills it!! THEN, Evan talks about the pub crawl he went on, we talk about THE DRESS controversy, Jason brings us a video of an English woman who swears she had an affair with a ghost...she swears it wasn't her fiances' brother...swears.... and Evan tells another story from his sordid past.


P.S.-Kids, if you listen, your future partners will fall in love with "ghosts".


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Where we start with a spoielr free discussion of infinity war, then we get into spoiler talk (over at 45:55). After that, Evan does something he never thought he'd do...he raps...it's all the time buddy...it's all the time buddy. After that, Evan talks his daughters talent show, Jason shows Evan a video of a man who defends himself...with his MIND..... we play the google movie description game and we close with a salon style that is on fire!!!

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, half of you will be wiped from existence.


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Where we start with Evan sharing with Jason some merch signed by the master himself... Tommy Wisseau!!!! THEN we play another round of Is It a Podcast??!! After that, Evan gives Jason a lesson in what real hip-hop is... you know, when an entitled, talentless, shallow D-Bog decides to "rap" about what an entitled,talentless, shallow D-Bag he is. After that, we play another round of The Steven Seagall movie game!!!


P.S.-Kids, if you listen, Everyday Bro will happen....Everyday...Bro.


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Where we start with a brush with fame...well, at least one of us knew it was a brush with fame..... a very condescending brush with fame..... THEN after Evan recovers from being a total chode, we talk The Dark Crystal, Evan tells of his own geekiness getting in the way of art, Jason discovers "smell"dating, we play a round of What If? and we close with another dose of Cupids Corner!!!!


P.S.-Kids, if you listen..... you're gonna make an ass of yourself in front of Will Ferrell.


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Where we start with the resolution of a bet made last week. Loser has to rap and eat boullion! Then Evan tells of something explosive that happened during a performance, Jason tells of running...well...for a little bit. Then he just kind of wanders like John Mcain at a debate.... but at least the music rocked! After that, Evan opens up about his wild past, and we close out by seeing just how awful and scary mother nature really is. 


P.S.-Kids, if you listen, a shrimp will explode you and drag you down into his hidey hole!!!!


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