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We wanted to make our last episode of 2020 (back Jan. 10th, 2021) a big fun bash!! We have had a ton of amazing guests and contributors this year so we have asked, as many that could, to help us out with this all Christmas Episode.

00:30 - Introductions and Evan doesn't like Christmas.

02:30 - Evan "Google Translated" Christmas Songs!! 

03:30 - "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer". AKA "Rudolph The Red Nosed Killer"

07:30 - "Little Drummer Boy" AKA "Pom-Bam Rom-Rom-Bam!!"

10:40 - "Frosty The Snowman" AKA "Frosty Snow Man!!" by Latreshia Lilly

18:30 - THE KRAMPUS GAME! Where we l asked "What would the "KRAMPUS" be for other Christmas characters?"

31:54 - THE INAPPROPRIATE SANTA CAMEO GAME!! We replace the existing Santa cameo with a weird/odd one. And we got help from our past guests for Santa cameos for "Die Hard" Carissa (Ep: 361), Emily Kelly (Ep: 389), Jason Evans (Ep: 387), Harrison Brookie (Ep: 351), Manus Clancy (Ep: 380, 385).

1:01:30 - Celebrites read "TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS"  Jason Farr (Ep: 350 Listen to Farr on "There It Is Podcast"), Andrew Van (Ep: 380, 385 Listen to more Andrew on "False Start with Andrew Van"), Joe Johnson (Ep: 348 Follow on Twitter @FillCollinz), Dustin Bays (Ep: 386 Listen to Dustin on "Blue Ridge Adventurers Guild Podcast"), Justina Sparling (Ep: 350)


1:22:15 - "TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS" uninterrupted.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS guys back right here Sunday JAN. 10th 2021.


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Where, while quarantined, we try to make some fun out of it by first, stopping saying coronavirus AND making a drinking game out of the episode. Look we know ya'll are drinking, might as well listen to us and get drunker. We play The Movie Musical Game, Jason brings a new game where we take the viruses our of "virus movies", we talk Shark Tank AND play another new game where we see what "Logan" type old person movies might work for other superheroes!!!


P.S.-Kids..if you listen..... it's ok...cuz the world is upside down.


Please also consider the fundraiser still going strong here....https://www.gofundme.com/f/gary-dewitt-needs-hope-to-keep-fighting?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=m_pd+share-sheet&fbclid=IwAR3jRVACc1XsPUohh7OJukl2--b3Zn3jOHgcyei2yZQ5SfLJ_U1jMvhVsKg

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Where we start with a shout out to two podcasts: Mothers and Muses and The Nerdbliss Podcast! After that, Evan talks about how sometimes...just sometimes...maybe he shares too much...and also can't speak. After that, Jason shares a story of "The Magic" of being held up in line by a douche, Evan talks about alot of work he put in to save..a piece of sh*t, Jason tells a tale about paying 20 bucks for a bad picture, we talk about how sex workers get the worst internet friends ever, we play a round of What If... we talk about what the plumber on The Enterprise must go through, we read an old essay about Jesus where..ya know...at least Jason tried hard and we close with another edition of The Movie Musical Game!!


P.S.-Kids, if you listen....AWWAAAYYY WEEE GOOO!!!!


Check out Mothers and Muses at https://www.buzzsprout.com/274742?fbclid=IwAR1NgNYug0fH1MrQgbnRlYVMKHK1QZX0mLKyH2dTldaO52KvqIJeVOY5mNI


Check out Nerdbliss at http://www.nerdblisspodcast.com/


Check out Kaliah Von Graves at https://www.instagram.com/kaliahvongraves/?hl=en



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Where we start with a realization about our own Jason Underwood!!! Then, we play another round of The Movie Musical Game...where we try to make musicals out of movies that just don't seem to fit into the mold of a peppy broadway number. After that, we play a short round of The Movie Trend Game: Silence Edition..where we take the trend of Birdbox and Silence and apply it to other things! Then after a short visit to Cupids Corner...we close with maybe the oddest bracket we have ever done.... We usually name the episodes featuring brackets with the name of the bracket..but trust us on this....


P.S.-Kids, if you listen..... You will hear this bracket.... 

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Where we celebrate the fact that we haven't quit yet with a MASSIVE episode!!!!! We pulled out all the stops!! We got LIVE.... We got GUESTS....We got FAN ENTRIES...We got SELF MOCKERY!!!!!! We got it all!!!!!!


Thank you thank you thank you to all who helped, namely: The New South Comedy Festival, Tom Julian, Nick Walker, Heather Sissom and Carissa Sutherland for your entries, Todd Janssen for "FILLING THE SLOT" and Jason Farr for helping us make fun of ourselves!!!!


Especially thank you to anyone and everyone who has contributed, added us to their platforms, retweeted/liked our tweets or just listened! You guys rock!!!


Here is how it shakes down:

INTRO 0-11:03.3 

LIVE SEGMENT with Todd Janssen 11:05-35:03 (We play Movie Musical Game & "Fill The Slot")

"A LOOK BACK" with JASON FARR 35:04-1:52.06 (We play those clips we wish would be deleted)

"FAN IMPRESSION" ENTRIES 1:52.08-End (We play YOUR entries!)


Check out Jason Farrs podcast There It Is HERE


P.S.-Kids, you still shouldn't listen, but congratulate us on making it this far you little turds!!!!

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Where we start with a HUGE announcement  and a HUGE thank you to everyone that helped us become nominees for Best Comedy Podcast in The Peoples Choice Podcast Awards!!! Voting starts today!!! THEN we get into a lil game we like to call Podcast or Porn Title. Then we talk about Mike Webb and his naughty tabs, your future (trust me, if this is your future, go back in time and kill yourself), then Jason pitches some Star Trek:Deep Space Nine episodes and we realize it really was just a Spinx in space. 

Then we play The Movie Musical Game (Ahnold edition) AND a lil game we like to call Torture Quiz (it gets dirty...literally)


Vote for us and Teddy and the Bassman once a day here


P.S.-Kids, don't listen, but Goddammit you better vote once a day!!!

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