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Where we announce a new contest for our upcoming 200th episode... Send us your best Jason/Evan impressions!!! THEN we talk about Doomed, the new documentary about The Fantastic Four OG movie, and how we're important now. Then we meet a Star Trek "expert" and hear about Jasons trip to Atlanta and Evans trip to Washington DC. Then we listen to some more "Bearded Ones Drunk Clips" and Jason brings a new game to the table where we identify slowed down scientists! AND if that isnt enough, we talk Kid Scarface!!!

THEN we close this HUGE episode with and interview with DOOMED Director Marty Langford who talks Roger Cormans ill-fated Fantastic Four live action movie!!!


P.S-Kids, listen to the second half at least!


Check out Kid Scarface here


Check out Uncork'd, the production company for Doomed here

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