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Where we start with the announcement that, Yes, Virginia, we are slated again this year in the Podcast Awards!!!!! Then, we get into how Evan is getting his mojo back...sorta... Evan talks how "erotic" movies don't really know what erotic is, Jason shares his darkest story yet...did we say darkest..we mean least sensical. After that, we get back into more erotica..this time it's errotifying!!!! Then we talk about how it's actually not a compliment to admit you like someone as a fetish, and we close with another round of Opposite Shows!! In this game from Jason, we see what an entirely opposite show of...yeah,you get it. 


P.S.-Kids, if you listen, you'll have the parents from Jasons story.


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Where we start with relief in not having to shill ourselves out for the podcast awards anymore. THEN Jason regales us with the unfortunate event of a Handyman finding a picture he drew last week and his fictional reaction births a whole new show!! THEN Evan lets us hear some clips that show Jason pulling a total Honey Badger and Evan pulling a total...well....just not being able to speak. After that, in honor of the TV shows "Confederate" & "Black America", Jason premieres a new game called, OPPOSITE SHOWS. Where we take an existing show and come up with it's Bizzarro Version.


P.S.-Kids, if you listen, we will Quantum you into helping Hitler!!

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